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Seeking a Drug Detox Center that will not imposed 12 Step on You?

Deciding to get help with your excessive drug use is a turning point in your life. If you need to detoxify, you want to make sure that you do so with a center that will treat you with respect and understanding, but you also want a center that will encourage you and allow you to get better. If you are looking for a center that offers a non 12 step drug detox, there is only one that we could recommend - Gallus Detox Centers.

Their detox centers will remove the chemical toxins that have collected in your system from your drug use. All drugs do not require detox, for example cocaine and methamphetamine do not have physical withdrawal symptoms and once the drugs are out of your system your system is clean. Other drugs however, may create withdrawal symptoms as you stop taking them. For many individuals, not believing they have the strength to make it through the withdrawal symptoms is usually what excuse is used to return back to drug use.

Whether or not you experience significant withdrawal symptoms will depend on the type of drugs you have been using, how much you have been taking and how long you have been using drugs. If you are not sure if you need drug detox, you should consult with your doctor.

A non 12 step drug detox program will not follow the 12 step philosophy that drug use is a disease and that you inherited a drug addict gene that has been passed down from generation to generation. There is no physical evidence to support that drug use is a disease or that there is an addiction gene. 12 step programs also promote that you are powerless in your efforts to stop using drugs and that you will always go back to using drugs. They teach that the only treatment available is group meetings and abstinence for the rest of your life and belief in a higher power. If it sounds kind of negative and a bit hopeless, then you are not alone in that view. More than 95 percent of the people who sign up for 12 step programs drop out.

A non 12 step drug detox will inspire hope. Medical drug detox that is not part of a 12 step program is available through IV therapy medical detox. IV therapy medical detox is administered by a board certified and licensed physician. Patients receive around the clock medical care and are monitored by registered nurses. Intravenous therapy is crucial to the detox process because it allows the physician to adjust the medication to help patients detox safely and more effectively.

You may find it necessary to enter a program after you have completed detox. Freedom Model Retreats is a non-treatment program. We are not a 12 step program. We offer Cognitive Behavioral Learning to help guests use self assessment and self change in their decisions and in the choices they make. Our guests discover that they can have long term success without alcohol and/or drug use.

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