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North Dakota Detox

North Dakota has two major problems going on in their state. The first one is illicit drug use with marijuana and the second is prescription drug use, especially among adolescents. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reported that about 5,000 teenagers used illicit drugs in the past month, 3,000 used marijuana and 2,000 used another illicit drug besides marijuana. When it came to alcohol in the past month, 11,000 used alcohol and 7,000 participated in binge drinking, which females were ranked higher than the males that were using and depending on alcohol. Teenage female were also substantially higher than the males to have major depressive episodes (MDE). When it came to pain relievers being used by teens, it has become a significant public health interest. Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem in 2009 showed that prescription drug overdoses had more fatalities than firearms. The executive vice president of the North Dakota Pharmaceutical Association said that pharmacists have become worried regarding their safety because of the rise in desperate and annoyed patients, especially when they refuse to do their refills early. Now pharmacies are having break-ins, robberies and are now finding other creative ways to access prescription meds.

In 2010, according to SAMHSA, they had 1,976 admissions into drug and alcohol detox centers. The number that completed detox was 757, 94 relocated to other facilities, 507 dropped out, 170 were kicked out, 82 were incarcerated, 348 were under other reasons and 18 were deaths. There are 43 drug and alcohol detox centers in North Dakota available if you or anyone is looking for help with drug and or alcohol use.

North Dakota Legislature in 2009 passed a law where doctors are now mandated to meet with their patients when prescribing meds face to face so that they are able to pick out who may be having a substance problem and understand the warning signs. Attorney General Stenehjem is planning to introduce another bill that will make it illegal to snort or inject prescription meds and that they will have to be taken orally. In 2009, the drug Take-Back Program was put into action so that people could take back meds that were unwanted or expired to a local law enforcement agency where no questions will be asked and the meds will be disposed of appropriately.

If you, a family member, a friend, or even a co-worker is considering a drug and alcohol detox center, please make sure that you have options to explore and research so that you or your loved one has no doubts in the choice that is going to be made.

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