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Ohio DetoxSince 2012, the state of Ohio has had an increase with drugs, especially heroin. Drugs have also spiked in their prisons. According to the Associated Press children as young as 13 are beginning to use heroin. It has become so popular because it is less expensive and is so much easier to access than opioids. The Department of Health reported that heroin related deaths went from 233 overdoses in 2008 and had 338 in 2010.

Most users are starting off with pain killers and then move up to heroin. Children as young as 11 years old are now taking prescription meds that have NOT been prescribed to them! The Clermont County Student Drug Use Survey of 2012 found out that kids are accessing them from friends and family members.

The Columbus Dispatch as of January 2012 reported that drugs are even out of control in Ohio's state prisons that 1,650 inmates were taking drugs. They are accessing drugs from correctional officers, people putting drugs in soccer balls and tennis balls, in clumpy dirt and then throw them over into the prison yards. They are even getting cell phones smuggled in.

When a prisoner gets caught with drugs they have no consequences. All they do is get written up and their security gets upgraded. When all is said and done, they still get to go home with the same sentence that they were given. The reason not much is done is due to the outrageous drug cases on the outside that the legal system has to deal with.

There are 213 drug and alcohol detox centers in Ohio. In 2009, Ohio had 70,956 discharges from drug and alcohol detox centers where only 20,959 completed their program, 19,550 transferred, 8,275 quit, 3,245 were terminated, 517 were incarcerated, 18,277 were under other reasons and there was 133 deaths.

Ohio is trying to do everything possible to lower drug use in their state. In 2011, they received grants from the ONDCP for 28 Drug Free Communities (DFC) Program and they were awarded Federal grants in 2010 totaling $207,925,242. With these programs they are trying to help their youth and local communities by educating them on how to prevent drug and alcohol use. They also have the Ohio HIDTA which their main focal point is to research and destroy drug trafficking organization and gangs.

If you are considering a drug and alcohol detox center for someone precious to you, then your first priority should be is to make sure you study the treatment center you are interested in full detail so that you are content with the decision you have made.

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