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Oregon DetoxOregon's biggest problems with drug use and distribution are with cocaine, marijuana, heroin and club drugs. Most of the cocaine that is shipped into Oregon comes from California, Mexico, and the Southwest. Once it arrives it is then sold by street gangs and drug trafficking organizations.

When it comes to heroin, Mexican black tar is the most in demand. Mexican drug traffickers dominate the trade of heroin and motorcycle and Mexican gangs are most responsible for the distribution. As for meth or what is known as ice or crystal meth, it is becoming a huge concern. They are also having problems with illegal prescription drugs which has been becoming a huge concern for law enforcement dealing with theft and robberies in hospitals and pharmacies along with users doctor shopping and forging prescriptions.

In 2011, there was a federal study that was released reporting that 72% of men were arrested in Portland, Oregon. Tests were done on 1,050 men within a 48 hour period while being held for misdemeanors and felonies by the metro Portland law enforcement. They found that half were tested positive for marijuana, 32.9% for multiple drugs such as opiates, cocaine, and oxycodone, and 23.2% were for meth. Oregon in 2009, had 42,328 discharges from drug and alcohol detox centers, and out of that number, 24,851 completed their program, 3,153 relocated, 7,887 quit, 3,807 were terminated, 762 were incarcerated, 1,792 were for other reasons and there was 76 fatalities.

The state of Oregon, along with Gil Kerlikowske who is a former Seattle police chief and who is now the director of the ONDCP realizes they have a serious problem with drugs. It has been recognized that Oregon needs more programs to help those who use drugs and alcohol before they start filling prisons with chronic users and drug offenders repeatedly. Currently there is 191 drug and alcohol detox centers in Oregon for anyone who is seeking help. They also have the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign that supports stable and trustworthy messages to all races of youth regarding drug use and its negative consequences. The ONDCP also supplies grants to help support 19 Drug Free Communities (DFC) organizations to help ward off and diminish drug use in their youth and communities.

If you have been through other 12 step programs or treatment centers and they have not been successful for you, there are non-12 step programs available that may be the answer for you. It is vital that you do not jump into the first one you see claiming to be a non-12 step program. You must research them before you make a final choice and commitment.

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