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Prescription pain killers such as vicodin, oxycontin and fentanyl are fast becoming some of the most excessively used drugs in the United States. In the last decade, vicodin use is four times higher and oxycodone use is responsible for more than 15,000 deaths according to the Center for Disease Control. If you are in need of a pain killer addiction detox treatment and drug rehab program, now is the time to get help.

Pain killers are part of the opiate family of drugs which include morphine, tramadol, hydrocodone, oxycodone and methadone. Opiates affect the central nervous system and the opioid receptors in the brain - this is the part that blocks pain and creates a euphoric sensation, or pleasure. Taking prescription pain killers in large amounts and for prolong periods of time can result in physical dependency, as well as a developed tolerance to the drug or drugs, which requires more of the drug with each use in order to achieve the same euphoric feeling as before. Users who constantly increase the dose are also at a risk for over dose.

While not all situations will require a pain killer addiction detox treatment and drug rehab program, some may feel they need this help. Detox programs will clean your system of the chemical toxins from your drug use. Most doctors agree that medical detox is the best method for pain killer use. Inpatient medical detox is available in a private facility or in a hospital.

Hospital inpatient medical detox has been the traditional method for drug detox, however it is seen by most physicians as less effective due to the oral medication that is used and the quality of patient care that is given. Patients are usually placed in psychiatric units, in lockdown or kept in isolation. The oral medication that is used to detoxify does not eliminate all the withdrawal symptoms, so the comfort level of the patient can be below par.

IV therapy medical detox is the method that most doctors recommend. IV therapy is administered under physician supervision and the intravenous approach makes it possible for the doctor to adjust the medication as the withdrawal symptoms change which keep the patient comfortable and allow them to complete the detox.

Drug rehab programs are also different. Most drug rehab programs implement a 12 step program as part of their treatment therapy. 12 step programs teach the false idea that drug use is a genetic defect, that you have a drug addict gene and that your disease is incurable. They teach that the only treatment available is abstinence, meetings and belief in a higher power.

Freedom Model Retreats offers a Cognitive Behavioral Learning program that is not a 12 step program. The truth is that you are not diseased and there really is no such thing as an addiction gene. You don’t need group meetings for the rest of your life; you just need to learn how to make different choices – choices that are more productive and positive. We are a non-treatment program that teaches our guests how to use self assessment and self change to make better informed decisions and form habits and behaviors that are more enriching to their life. Our guests discover that they are not powerless to drug use and they can have a life that can be permanently free from pain killers.

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