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Information On Pain Killer Detox

Prescription pain medication or pain killers are from the opiate drug family. Some of the drugs in this category are morphine, oxycodone and methadone. Opiates work on the central nervous system by blocking the opioid receptors – the part of the brain that blocks pain or creates pleasure. Individuals who have excessive use of opiates have to increase the amount of the drug they are using to feel the same intensity of euphoria as previously experienced. Increasing the amount of prescription pain killers could result in over dose.

Not all users need pain killer detox. Whether or not you need detoxification will depend on the drug, the amount you have been taking and how long you have been using. However, most doctors agree that detox from opiates should be via medical detox and under doctor supervision.

Outpatient medical detox using methadone will offer some relief from withdrawal symptoms as you detox at home from the drugs you have been taking, however, methadone is an opiate. You are exchanging one opiate for another. If at some point you decide that you want to quit taking methadone, you may have withdrawal symptoms that are as severe or worse and for a longer period of time. Research shows that some individuals begin taking methadone and never stop taking it and some have been taking methadone for twenty years. This is a poor option at best.

Inpatient hospital alcohol or drug medical detox has been viewed by many physicians as somewhat because patient care is questionable. Patients in hospital detox are generally kept in psychiatric units or on psychiatric floors in lockdown or isolation. Patients are not allowed any personal items, no cell phones, no laptops and no communication with the outside world. If they want to call their family they have to do so from the nurse's station. Further, the medical protocol is oral medication that does not mask the withdrawal symptoms as well as some other methods and can at times be painful. Some hospitals have an unwritten policy that it is good for the patient to experience some discomfort so that they may think twice before using drugs again, but this policy is obviously flawed and unethical. Patients have been known to give up in the process and walk out of detox before it is complete.

Alternatives To Traditional Detox Centers

An alternative to methadone clinics and hospital medical detox is IV therapy medical detox. IV therapy is administered by a physician and carried out through intravenous therapy, which makes it possible for the doctor to change the medication and keep the patient comfortable throughout the detox process. Patients detox in a private room equipped with HDTV and Wi-Fi access. They are allowed the use of their own cell phones and can bring their laptops. Most doctors agree that clearly IV therapy medical detox puts the patient's comfort and care first and it is the safest and most effective pain killer detox available.

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