Is A Pain Management Clinic Like Detox?

Overcoming Painkiller Drug Use

Freedom Model Can Help You Overcome Prescription Painkillers After Detox

If you have an excessive opiate use problem due to unmanageable pain and you need help with both, you may have wondered is a pain management clinic like detox. Taking a prescription pain killer to manage chronic pain can lead to excessive prescription pain medicine use. You may need to detox, but you will also need a method to manage the pain, this is what a pain management clinic does: it finds an alternative to manage the pain that does not involve a narcotic.

The prescription pain medications that are most often overused are demerol, vicodin, morphine, oxycontin and codeine. These drugs belong to a family of drugs known as opiates which work on the central nervous system to block the opioid receptors. The opioid receptors distinguish between pain and feelings of contentment.

Dangers of Prescription Pain Meds

For individuals experiencing chronic pain, they may often times self medicate by either using more of the prescription, or taking the prescription with alcohol or other drugs. First of all, it is dangerous to mix opiate narcotics such as the drugs most often prescribed for pain with alcohol or other drugs. Second, the more prescription pain medication that you take the more likely that you will build a tolerance to your pain medication, which will require more and more of the drug to give relief from the chronic pain that you experience. Third, taking too much pain medication and mixing it with alcohol or other drugs may lead to an over dose, additional health problems or death.

Many individuals who go to a pain management clinic worry that the clinic will take away their pain medication and leave them with having to suffer with their chronic pain, however the purpose of the pain management clinic is to detox the individual by tapering them off their prescription pain medication while trying to find an acceptable alternative method to manage the pain.

In some cases, pain management clinics may use a medical detox method to detox the patient off the pain medication. The use of medication is temporary, only to get the prescription drugs out of your system so you can begin your new life without the use of prescription drugs. Research has suggested that patients are more successful in detox when their physical withdrawal symptoms, are managed in such a way that they are kept comfortable and relaxed.

During the medical detox process, the pain management clinic will work with you to try to find an acceptable solution, sometimes incorporating holistic methods such as acupuncture, yoga and meditation therapy.

Do I Just Need Detox?

It's important to know that detox alone will not solve a drug use problem. Some individuals find that once they have successfully completed detox, they still need to enroll in a program to help them rebuild their life after prescription pain killers. Freedom Model Retreats offers a Cognitive Behavioral Learning program that uses self assessment and self change to teach guest to reevaluate their choices and decisions and to make choices that are more productive. Guests learn the importance of forming habits and behaviors that are positive and more purposeful and they realize that they have the power to take back control of their life and to have a life that is permanently free from substance use.

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