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The decision to go into a private detox to get help with your drug and/or alcohol problem can be a frightening thought, but you are taking a step in the right direction that will help you take care of your health and also help you put your life back in order.

A private facility will understand that every individual, their needs and situation is different and will make sure that your individual needs are met while in detox. Finding the right detox facility out of all the private drug and alcohol detox clinics and centers is the next task.

Private Detox Clinics Or Centers

Private detoxification is available in both medically managed and non medical detox settings. Non medical detox does not generally provide a medical assessment, nor are any medications used to address the withdrawal symptoms. In non medical detox, the individual going through detoxification is observed, but not treated. Supporters of this method believe that the pain and discomfort that the individual undergoes will convince them not to return to drug or alcohol use. However, most doctors agree that this is a very ineffective and potentially dangerous method to use for detox. Doctors do agree however that if the individual has not developed a substance dependence, it is a viable method for detox.

Medically managed detox, on the other hand, begins with a full health assessment that takes into account your physical, psychological and social well being. While many detoxes provide a generic, one size fits all approach to drug and alcohol detox, there are private drug and alcohol detox clinics and centers that take a more personalized approach.

You want to seek out a medically managed detox where a personal and custom designed detox plan is created with a specific medication protocol that will help to relieve any withdrawal symptoms you may encounter as you detoxify. This will allow for an easier and safer detox process. One method that is seen by physicians as the best method for detox is IV therapy medical detox. During the detox process, IV therapy is used which allows the doctor to make adjustments to the medication as your withdrawal symptoms change and to help you navigate the process quickly and safely.

Will Medical Detox Be Painful?

Contrary to the idea behind non medical detox, that pain and suffering may be a preventative agent, in medically managed detox the supportive idea is that maintaining your comfort level not only makes detox easier and less traumatic, but it will contribute to your success. Keeping people comfortable and feeling safe increases the likelihood they will complete the detox process.

Medically managed private drug and alcohol detox clinics and centers are available in a variety of settings. Some private facilities are located in hospitals. Detoxification from alcohol and benzodiazepines can result in seizures and other serious symptoms that may require immediate medical attention. Quick and easy access to the hospital in the case of an emergency can give patients peace of mind.

Other medically managed detox centers may be located off hospital property, however some are fully staffed with board certified physicians with critical care experience and registered nurses who have ICU and emergency room care experience, each of whom are highly trained and skilled to assist in any situation.

As you are searching for the right private drug and alcohol detox clinic and center, keep in mind that all private detoxes are not the same. Some are based on 12 step programs that promote the false idea that substance use is a disease; have been seen as passing judgment and follow a program that belief in a higher power, abstinence and group therapy are required therapy for life. Studies show that the most successful individuals go through a detox where the staff understands the difficulty of what you are experiencing and will treat you with respect and dignity and without judgment.

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