Should I Send My Loved One To A Detox Clinic?

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Making The Decision To Find Your Loved One A Detox Clinic

If you have a family member with a substance use problem and you want get help for them, you have probably asked the question, "should I send my loved one to a detox clinic?"

A detox clinic is an inpatient program where your system is cleansed of the chemical toxins that build up in the body from substance use. Depending on the type of substance used – alcohol or drugs – how long your loved one has been using and the amount they have been using; they may or may not need to go to a detox clinic. Your best bet in determining whether or not your loved one needs a detox clinic is to consult a doctor.

As they experience detox, many substance users will have withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms will vary, depending on the type of substance they have been using. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms are both physical and psychological, and may include anxiety and irritability, nausea and vomiting, fatigue and depression. More severe symptoms include loss of consciousness, convulsions and the DTs which consists of periods of confusion, tremors, extreme agitation and hallucinations.

Drug withdrawal symptoms vary with the type of drug used, but can include anxiety, sweating and chills, nausea and vomiting, insomnia and seizures. Withdrawal symptoms, whether from alcohol or drugs, can be painful and frightening, so it is important that you find a detox program that can keep your loved one comfortable, address their medical needs and is safe and effective.

Detox clinics may offer medical or nonmedical detox. Non medical detoxes offer a more holistic approach and can include vitamin and meditation therapy, saunas, acupuncture and yoga. Some non medical programs use questionable practices that may be dangerous and have no medical staff to monitor patients.Traditional detox clinics use treatments and procedures that may be unreliable and questionable, and some have minimal medical supervision. In these detox clinics, patients are often kept in isolation or lockdown in psychiatric units of hospitals or institutions. Patients are restricted from outside communication. It really is little wonder that these types of facilities have low success rates and high dropout rates.

On the other hand, IV therapy medical detox is administered under constant doctor supervision and medication is used during the detoxification process. Doctors agree that IV therapy medical detox is the best detox method because it allows the doctors and nurses to adjust the medication to meet the withdrawal symptoms as needed. This keeps the patient comfortable and aids in the detox process. Patients are monitored around the clock. Cardiac telemetry and video technology are used to keep a close and watchful eye on the patient's progress. IV therapy medical detox is seen as the safest and most effective method of detox available.

After your loved one has completed detox, they may feel they need to enter a program that will help them rebuild their life after substance use. Freedom Model Retreats is a non-treatment program that helps people to address the psychological and behavioral aspects of substance use problems after the medical detox process is complete. The Freedom Model Program offers an educational cognitive behavioral approach. It teaches guests how they can use self assessment and self-directed change to evaluate their choices and build habits and behaviors that are positive and productive and in line with their goals. Our guests go on to lead purposeful lives overcoming their substance use problems permanently.

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