Should I Choose A 12 Step Alcohol Or Drug Detox Center?

Can I Overcome Drug and Alcohol Use With The 12 Steps?

The Truth About 12 Step Alcohol and Drug Programs

You have finally decided that it is time to get help for your substance use, but are not sure where to go, you have probably asked, should I choose a 12 step alcohol or drug detox center? You may have heard someone say that all alcohol or drug users join AA or NA, both of which are 12 step programs, but the truth is that 12 step programs have a 95 percent dropout rate. Here are the facts regarding 12 step programs and some alternatives for alcohol and drug detox centers.

12 step programs support the false teaching that alcohol and drug use is an incurable brain disease that you inherited from your family. They believe that you have an addict or alcoholic gene and that the only treatment is abstinence and group meetings for the rest of your life and belief in a higher power. They also promote that you are powerless in your attempts to quit using drugs and alcohol and that you will relapse. They tell you that abstinence is the only treatment, but that you will be unsuccessful in abstaining because you have a disease.

12 step programs project a victim mentality on its members, which is evident in the group meetings that you are expected to attend for the rest of your life. Group meetings are often times filled with angry and emotional members, either ranting about their substance use, or sobbing that their substance use is ruining their life. There is no encouragement in the meetings, nothing to suggest that they can get better, because the 12 step program does not believe that you can move on to a better like without 12 step meetings.This is often the reason why choosing a 12 step alcohol or drug detox center is not highly recommended.

The truth is that you are not diseased and there is no addiction gene or alcoholic gene. You use drugs and alcohol because you want to use drugs and alcohol. You do not have a brain disease that forces you to use drugs and alcohol. In a real disease, like leukemia, there are real symptoms and a physiological change inside the body from having leukemia that requires chemo and bone marrow transplants and strong medicines to fight the disease, which does not always get rid of the symptoms. Leukemia patients cannot choose to not have leukemia. Alcohol and drug use cannot be compared to leukemia, because substance use is not a disease.

Your substance use is a learned behavior. For a period, you feel pleasure when you use alcohol and drugs and your brain associates the good feeling with your substance use. Your brain has the ability to be remapped to associate the good feeling with something else, unlike the leukemia patient who cannot remap their body to not have leukemia.

If you are ready to stop using drugs and alcohol and do not subscribe to the idea that all you are ever going to be is an addict or alcoholic, then consider a program that can help you overcome your substance use once and for all.

Doctors agree that the best method for alcohol and drug detox is IV therapy medical detox. IV therapy is supervised by a physician and is implemented through the use of intravenous therapy. IV therapy is an important component because it allows the medication to be adjusted to meet the withdrawal symptoms. Patients are kept comfortable and are able to complete the detox process and be ready to start their new life clean from drugs and alcohol use.

Some individuals find it necessary to enter a program after detox. Freedom Model Retreats offers a Cognitive Behavioral Learning program to help guests use self assessment and self change to reevaluate their decisions and choices and to make choices and develop habits and behaviors that are more productive, positive and purposeful. We are not a 12 step program, we are a non-treatment program and our guests are empowered to have a life that is permanently free from substance use.

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