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South Carolina DetoxSouth Carolina used to be known as the source state but is now known as the drug consumer state. South Carolina has the second largest containerized seaport that has 3 terminals in the United States which is located in the Port of Charleston. According to Friends of Narconon International, substantial amounts of cocaine and marijuana along with meth, illicit drugs and proceeds are being smuggled into the Port of Charleston by mostly Mexican drug traffickers.

According to a study by the League of Women Voters Of the Charleston, South Carolina Area, from 2006-2009, 40 women were charged with unlawful neglect of a child or charged with homicide by child abuse for using drugs while pregnant. In 2008, South Carolina's law enforcement had 34,474 arrests for drugs. In 2009, they had 4,729 people that were in state prisons for drug crimes. What is really disturbing is that every day there are deadly and violent drug crimes being committed and most of them are teenagers who are avenging drug dealings that went bad, protecting their turf or robbing their competitors.

In January of 2008, the Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) at DHEC started to receive prescription reports and by the end of 2009, they had over 18 million prescriptions. Keep in mind that their population that year was only 4,479,800! What does this tell us?

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), reported that in 2009 South Carolina had 31,210 discharges from drug and alcohol detox centers of which 16,952 finished, 4,515 transferred, 5,004 quit, 3,830 were terminated, 362 were incarcerated, 492 were for other reasons and there was 55 fatalities. South Carolina has 89 drug and alcohol detox centers in their state if you or a loved one is looking for help. South Carolina is doing what they can to stop and bring down drugs in their state. The ONDCP has been increasing awareness of drugs and alcohol to their youth and local communities of the kinds of negative outcomes drugs and alcohol cause. They have also increased training to their law enforcement so they can detect drugged drivers. They are involved in helping their local communities by having 11 Drug Free Communities (DFC) Programs and received $77,790,340 in Federal grants to help aid 35 other organizations to educate and inspire their youth and communities on how to prevent and reject drugs and alcohol.

If you have lost faith in 12 step programs or have had a negative experience, there are non-12 step programs available that may be suited for your needs. Before choosing a non-12 step program it is very important that you look into the program(s) you are drawn to in full detail because you want to make sure that they are a legit non-12 step program and because this is one of the most important decisions of your life.

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