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South Dakota DetoxSouth Dakota is not just famous anymore for its tourisms of Mt. Rushmore, the World's Only Corn Palace, Wild Bill Hickok, Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse, but is well known for having problems with marijuana and meth along with Mexican drug traffickers. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), in 2009 had 15,499 admissions into drug and alcohol detox centers, with 10,416 who finished, 2,208 who transferred, 1,136 quit, 737 were terminated, 521 incarcerated, 473 were for unknown reasons, and there were 8 fatalities.

The state of South Dakota in 2011 according to the Office of Narcotics Drug Control Policies (ONDCP), reported that the primary drugs for admissions into drug and alcohol detox centers was for the use of marijuana which was 59% and stimulants which included meth was 21%. These drugs are not South Dakota's only growing problem, fake drugs or what is known as synthetic drugs has become a dangerous problem just to add to their list. The ages of these synthetic drugs range from 15 years to 40 years old and up and are from different types of social classes and demographics. These synthetic drugs are very dangerous. When they come into the emergency rooms they can only be treated for the symptoms they are having which can range from high temperatures, seizures, vomiting, agitation, paranoia, elevated heart rate, violent behaviors, hallucinations, excessive sweating and hyperactivity, suicide attempts and even death. The doctors and nurses can only give supportive care and do so much to help treat their patients because they have to wait for the drugs to wear off. There are so many brands of synthetic drugs and the ingredients in them are constantly changing, that it is very difficult and costly to run tests on them and they don't show up on standard drug tests and then have to be sent out of state to get results.

In local communities they are providing education in their schools on how to prevent drug and alcohol use in such programs as Lifeways, There's Hope, Spearfish Community Coalition and Above the Influence to just name a few. They also have the Midwest HIDTA that helps the local, state and Federal law enforcement coordinate and improve their equipment, technology and their other resources so that they are equipped in dismantling drug traffickers.

Are you, a family member or close friend looking for help? If so, South Dakota has 41 drug and alcohol detox centers. If you are not interested in a 12 step program, there are now available non-12 step programs that may be fit for you or a loved one. You must be aware that there are some out there who claim to be a non-12 step program so it is critical that you investigate the program(s) you are thinking of entering before you make a ultimate decision.

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