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Tennessee Detox

There are Multiple Options For Drug and Alcohol Detox Near Tennessee

Tennessee DetoxTennessee has had a growing problem with prescription drug use. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health from 2007-2008, Tennessee was the number one state out of the United States for opiate drug use. In 2007 according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the number of discharges from drug and alcohol detox centers was 2,339 of which 640 completed their detox, 1,472 transferred, 14 quit, 189 were for other reasons and 24 were terminated.

Tennessee acknowledges they have a major problem with drugs and are doing what they can to decrease drug use among their youth and local communities. They currently have 12 Drug Free Communities (DFC) Programs that have received grants from the ONDCP to help support their programs, they have the Above the Influence National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign and they also have the Appalachia HIDTA that seeks out to destroy and disturb drug smuggling gangs and organizations. In 2010, the Federal government gave Tennessee $107,211,391 to support 45 programs for local and state schools, governments, and law enforcement agencies to help lower drug use.

The state of Tennessee has 149 drug and alcohol detox centers if you or a family member is looking for one. If a 12 step program does not interest you, there are now available non-12 step programs that may be of help to you. Before you make a commitment to a certain program, it is of the upmost importance that you research it in full detail because the decision you make will change your life forever.

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