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Texas DetoxSince Texas is so close to Mexico, it has been taken over by Mexican drug traffickers. The major drugs that are smuggled throughout Texas are marijuana, cocaine, heroin and meth and in 2007, Texas had 2,343 deaths because of drug use. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), in 2010 47,235 discharges occurred in Texas from drug and alcohol detox centers and of that number, 15,175 completed treatment, 7,826 transferred, 4,545 quit, 7,328 were terminated, 711 were incarcerated, 11,706 were for other reasons and they had 34 deaths. The top three primary reasons for admissions that year in 2010 was for marijuana first, cocaine second, and heroin third.

Texas actually has three High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) programs in their state. They are the Southwest Border HIDTA, Houston HIDTA and the North Texas HIDTA. They have all seized substantial amounts of cocaine, marijuana, heroin, meth, cash and assets over the years. Texas in 1982 then put into operation the Texas Prescription Program, which helps monitor Scheduled drugs II, III, IV, and V. In 2010, the Federal government gave Texas $384,444,836 to help support and keep running 49 programs so they could help their state and local schools, governments, and law enforcement agencies educate their youth and local communities on how to prevent and reduce drugs and alcohol. In 2011, the ONDCP also gave grants for 16 Drug Free Communities (DFC) programs.

Do you know of anyone who is searching for a drug and alcohol detox center? If you answered "yes" then Texas has available 478 drug and alcohol detox centers to choose from. If a 12 step program does not seem appealing to you, there are now non-12 step programs you can choose from. Just make sure you investigate them to your fullest extent so that you are sure you are getting the program that fits your needs.

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