What Is The Typical Length Of Drug Detox?

Drug Detox Length Can Vary

Deciding To Stay In Detox

There are many reasons why people do not get the help they need for their drug use and one of them is not having the time to get help. Many individuals claim that they cannot leave their jobs or be away from their family for weeks on end. There may be a misconception that drug detox is a long process. So what is the typical length of drug detox?

Do I need Detox?

Not all drug use requires detox. Depending on the type of drugs you have been using, the amount of drugs you have been using and the length of time you have been using drugs, will determine whether or not you need to detoxify. Some drugs, do not require detox. Once they are out of your system, they are gone. You may want to still seek assistance in a program that can help you overcome drug use. If you are unsure if you need drug detox, you should consult with your doctor and they discuss the right one for you.

Some individuals experience withdrawal symptoms as they are detoxing from drug use. The intensity of the withdrawal symptoms will depend on the type of drug use; however it is not unusual to experience flu like symptoms, anxiety, insomnia, hot and cold flashes, abdominal pain and body aches. Withdrawal symptoms may begin as soon as a few hours after the last time of drug use.

The typical length of drug detox is a few days to a couple weeks; it really depends on the type of drugs you have been using. Detox from opiates and benzos may last from five to ten days. While the physical withdrawal may pass quickly, some people experience a desire to continue drug use for a period of time because the habit is so engrained in them. It is a good idea to consider entering a program after your detox is complete that can help you rebuild your life and begin to form new habits to replace drug use.

Are There Different Detox Methods?

Detoxes are different. Outpatient detox is a self reporting program where you go to a clinic or to a doctor's office and receive medication that can help you detox at home. The vast majority of these programs use suboxone or methadone, which are opiate narcotics. Methadone clinics offer you the drug methadone to take, which transitions you from one drug to another. Typically nurses are there to monitor your safety, but methadone clinics don't really help you stop using. Quitting methadone or suboxone will have withdrawal symptoms and they may actually last longer than the average week to two weeks for other drug detoxes. If your goal is to be 100 percent drug free, this may not be the best option for you.

The medical community views IV therapy medical detox as the best method for drug detox and lasts from a few days up to two weeks. IV therapy medical detox is typically supervised by a licensed and board certified physician that is skilled in critical care medicine. The quality of patient care is seen as tremendously improved from detoxes in outpatient and even hospital inpatient facilities.

Intravenous Therapy

Intravenous therapy is crucial because it allows the physician to make changes to the medication protocol which enables the patient the most comfort throughout the withdrawal process and allows them to complete the detox.

After you have completed the detox, it may be necessary for you to enter a program that will help you rebuild your life. Freedom Model Retreats offers a Cognitive Behavioral Learning program that helps guests learn to make choices using self assessment and self change. We can restore your hope and help you put drug use in the past.

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