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Vermont DetoxIn a recent survey conducted by the Vermont Department of Drug and Alcohol Rehab thirty three percent of the population struggled with substance use and about fifteen percent sought assistance in a Vermont drug and alcohol detox center. Opiate based prescription drugs ranked among the highest substances used, especially Vicodin, Xanax, Valium and Oxycontin. With forty drug and alcohol detox and rehab centers available, the first step to becoming free from substance dependency may be seeking help at a detox center.

Going into detox means that you are entering a program that will remove the chemical toxins that have built up in your system from drug and alcohol use. Long term overuse of any substance can have a detrimental effect on your health and can lead to heart disease, liver and kidney disease and hepatitis, among others. Detox can help clean the system.

Some individuals suffer significant withdrawal symptoms when going through detox. An inpatient medical detox program can help alleviate the symptoms and keep you comfortable at the same time. IV therapy medical detox is one method that is seen to be very effective because it allows the doctors to change the medication as your withdrawal symptoms change. Supervised care is given 24/7 and your condition is monitored closely.

However, not everyone will need to enter a detox program, but will need an outpatient detox program to help them manage their withdrawal from substance use. Outpatient detox programs include vitamin and meditation therapy and acupuncture and 12 step programs. 12 step programs claim that substance use is a disease and there is no cure, only treatment. They use meetings, group therapy and counseling to treat substance use and advocate that only through abstaining from use can you successfully treat your disease. That philosophy is simply not true. Substance use is not a disease, it is a choice. You have the power to make a different choice.

Methadone clinics are outpatient medical drug and alcohol detox programs that offer the drug methadone as a substitute for drugs and alcohol. Methadone is an opiate based narcotic, like Oxycontin, and Vicodin. You are exchanging one drug for another. Methadone has the potential for physical dependency, just like the other drugs they are replacing. Some people begin taking methadone and never stop taking it, or trade it on the street for heroin.

Whichever detox program you choose, after you have completed detox, you may need to enroll in a program that can help you rebuild your life after substance use. Freedom Model Retreats is a non-treatment program. We are not a 12 step program and we do not support that substance use is a disease. Substance use is a choice. We offer an educational cognitive behavioral program that helps guests through self evaluation, learn to make different choices that leads to better habits that are more enriching and productive to their lives. Our guests are empowered and go on to have long term success without substance use permanently.

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