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Virginia DetoxAccording to substance abuse studies conducted by the State of Virginia, meth and heroin use is up significantly from recent years especially among 18 to 25 year olds. As a result in the increase, Virginia has also seen an increase in crime related to meth use. The study also showed that alcohol use is still a leader in substance use and in most cases it is used in combination with another substance. For many substance users, life may seem hopeless. But there is hope by seeking help through an inpatient or outpatient program at a Virginia drug and alcohol detox center.

Detox is needed to remove the toxic chemicals from drug and alcohol use that poison your body. While not everyone will need a detox program, for those that do, an inpatient medical program will allow them a place to rest while they detox and go through withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms can be scary and painful for some individuals. Many people suffering through drug and alcohol withdrawal experience nausea, vomiting, anxiety, irritability, convulsions, headaches, uncontrollable tremors and loss of consciousness. Depending on the type of substance used, there may be additional withdrawal symptoms such as with alcohol detox, which can be fatal if not treated appropriately. Withdrawal symptoms can be present within a few hours of the last time the substance was taken, depending on the substance.

Some individuals prefer an outpatient method for detox. Methadone clinics and maintenance centers are a place for individuals to go and receive the drugs methadone or suboxone to use in place of other substances. Both methadone and suboxone are opiate narcotics and controlled substances. When you use methadone and suboxone, you are exchanging one drug for another. Methadone clinics are funded by state and federal agencies and there is little encouragement to stop taking methadone once you start. Studies show that some people never stop taking it. For the ones who do stop, the withdrawal from methadone is often more painful and longer than withdrawal from other substances.

There are more holistic approaches to outpatient detox including acupuncture, meditation therapy and vitamin therapy, although these methods have been seen to be dangerous where an individual was in need of medical care. 12 step programs also offer a nonmedical approach. 12 step programs offer the false premise that substance use is a disease. They advocate that the only treatment is abstinence and that you will not be successful in abstaining because you have a disease. Although they are religious affiliated and promote belief in a higher power, by their standards, there is really no hope offered, you are diseased and there is no cure sounds pretty bleak.

But the fact is that you are not diseased and you don't need a cure, you don't even need treatment once detox is complete, you just need to learn to make different decisions. Freedom Model Retreats offers a Cognitive Behavioral Learning program – a non-treatment program – that can help you. Through self assessment our guests learn how to make different decisions that are more productive and enriching to their lives and they go on to have lifelong success without drug and alcohol use permanently.

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