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West Virginia  DetoxWest Virginia has the highest over dose death rate in our country. Nine out of every ten of these deaths were caused by prescription drugs. Every year substance use costs West Virginia millions of dollars because it's spent on healthcare, education, welfare and criminal justice systems all because of prescription drugs. In 2007, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), there was 405 deaths caused by drug use and in 2009 data showed that the most common drugs that people were admitted into drug and alcohol detox centers for was opiates, including prescription meds.

West Virginia on February 25, 2011 had more than 200 people attend a one-day summit on the increases of prescription drug use and the after math it leaves. They have started the Early Intervention Programs (EIP) that helps youths from ages 12-17 who are just getting into drug use and teaching them how to cope with the peer pressures of drugs, provide the program Screening, Brief, Intervention, Referral and Treatment (SBIRT) which has 75 sites in West Virginia where they have licensed counselors, and they also have the Appalachia HIDTA that helps provide local, state and Federal law enforcement with organization, providing them with equipment and technology with other resources so they can put a stop to drug traffickers.

West Virginia has 69 drug and alcohol detox centers if you know of anyone who is looking for help with drug or alcohol use. There are now available non-12 step programs if a 12 step program does not appeal to you. No matter if you or someone special is choosing a non-12 step program or not, it's always best to look into the program(s) you are interested in so that you have no doubts that they will be able to fit your needs.

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