What Type Of Heroin Detox Is There For Heroin Addiction?

Freedom Model's can Help you overcome Heroin Addiction, but you might need detox... these are your options

Heroin use is a problem in the U.S. that affects the lives of more than a half million people. In addition to the health complications that come with using heroin, individuals are also at risk for getting hepatitis, HIV and AIDS. If you are ready to get help for heroin use, you may want to know what type of heroin detox is there for heroin addiction.

Heroin is an opiate narcotic and is derived from morphine. Heroin and morphine are in the same family of drugs as oxycodone, fentanyl, and vicodin. It affects the central nervous system in the same way as prescription pain killers, by blocking the opioid receptors that block pain and create a feeling of contentment. Individuals who use heroin are at risk for over dose from developing a tolerance and increasing the dosage. Heroin can be smoked, sniffed, snorted and injected and usually comes in a brown or white powder or black tar.

Detoxing from heroin is the removal of the toxic chemicals that have developed from heroin use. Many individuals experience psychological and physical withdrawal symptoms as they go through detox and may include agitation and irritability, cravings, bone and muscle pain, diarrhea, insomnia and jerking movements of the legs and arms.

There are several types of heroin detox for heroin addiction and most doctors recommend medical detox that include IV therapy. Quitting heroin use cold turkey is not recommended by the medical profession. Outpatient medical detox in a clinic or in a doctor's office is a self reporting method in which the individual receives medication, methadone or suboxone to relieve the withdrawal symptoms from heroin detox. Basically, the individual takes methadone or suboxone and does not take heroin, but if they do, the methadone or suboxone will prevent the heroin from taking effect.

Another type of heroin detox that there is for heroin addiction is inpatient hospital medical detox, however this method has been considered by many in the medical profession as ineffective, largely due to the oral medication used and the quality of patient care. Patients report that the oral medication does not completely mask the withdrawal symptoms resulting in a high level of discomfort. Patients are placed in lockdown or kept in isolation, or in psychiatric units which increases the level of anxiety.

Still another type of heroin detox there is for heroin addiction is IV therapy medical detox. This doctor/nurse supervised method for heroin detox allows the medication to be changed to meet the withdrawal symptoms for an immediate effect. Patients detox in private rooms which allows for a more comfortable experience

After your heroin detox is complete, you may find it necessary to enroll in a program that can help you rebuild your life. Freedom Model Retreats has an educational cognitive behavioral program that teaches guests to use self awareness to make decisions and choices that are productive, positive and purposeful. Our guests discover that they can have long term success without heroin use.

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