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Wisconsin  DetoxWisconsin from 2007-2008 according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, was one of the top ten states that scored high in many drug use categories that consisted of past year cocaine use among people 12 years and older, cocaine in adults from 18-25 yrs and in the past year of people from 12 and up using non-medical pills in the past year. Teenagers are using heroin more because it is not hard to use like it was a generation ago. Since the mid 1990's, the demand for heroin has increased the actual quality of it and has now been made to be snorted and is no longer stereotyped with just using needles. Heroin has become so easy to find and access in Wisconsin. Sometimes multiple friends will gather and put monies together and one person will drive to go pick up the heroin, go someplace private and take the drug and continue to drive while being under the influence and then pass it out to their friends. Young adults and kids are playing Russian roulette with heroin because they are clueless on the quality of heroin they are receiving because it changes every week, meaning they could easily overdose. Young people will go to pharming parties and take whatever pills that are thrown into a bowl while drinking alcohol and continue on with snorting anything up their noses. This is a lethal dose that could kill them.

In 2009, Wisconsin had 23,887 discharges from drug and alcohol detox centers. With 13,897 that completed, 3,187 who transferred, 3,636 dropped out, 1,022 quit, 1,684 were incarcerated, 405 for other reasons unknown and there were 56 deaths. In 2010, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) had data that showed marijuana was the leading cause for admissions into drug and alcohol detox centers with cocaine following second and opiates placing third. Finally on May 18, 2010, Wisconsin authorized the state Prescription Drug Monitoring Program system so that pharmacists and doctors could document each prescription that is being filled and can be recorded, the ONDCP gave grants to 30 Drug Free Communities (DFC) Programs and were given Federal grants for 46 programs totaling $107,259,369. Wisconsin is doing all they can to lower drug use and drug trafficking in their state.

If you know of anyone wanting help for alcohol and drug use, then Wisconsin has 211 treatment centers available. If these programs are not suitable to your needs then there are non-12 step programs now available that may be what you are looking for. Before choosing a program, it is very important that you research the program you are drawn to in full detail so that you can make a decision that you will be pleased with.

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