10 Things to Know About Dialectical Behavior Therapy In Treatment

If You Have A Personality Disorder, We Can Still Help You At Freedom Model's

What Should I Know About Dialectical Behaviors Therapy In Treatment?Developed by Marsh Linehan, a psychologist at the University of Washington, dialectical behavior therapy is a type of therapy designed to treat individuals struggling with borderline personality disorder and who are suicidal. Dialectical Behavior Therapy combines cognitive behavioral techniques with awareness tolerance and acceptance. Dialectical Behavior Therapy is still in an early stage of development, but you should still become aware of the terminology if you think treatment is an option for you.

Many alcohol and drug treatment centers, diagnose people with dual diagnosis before they are admitted into a program. Sometimes people may be borderline or show a few symptoms but are still given a full diagnosis of a certain disorder. Always make sure you talk to a doctor or get a second opinion if you have doubts about your diagnosis. Freedom Model's does not advocate Dialectical Behavior Therapy as a means of overcoming drug and alcohol use, and is currently providing the most effective alternative to treatment through Cognitive Behavioral Learning, which you can learn more about here.

1. Based on Zen Buddhist teachings, dialectical behavior therapy focuses on self awareness. Counselors use the information to show the consequences of the substance user's actions toward self and toward others.

2. Dialectical behavior therapy is still in early development and is not used by everyone, but there has been some success.

3. First used in cases of borderline personality disorder where there was a deficiency in the ability to identify feelings to cope effectively. Persons with borderline personality disorder have a lack of self confidence, struggle with self harm behavior and the ability to maintain relationships. They may also struggle with anxiety and depression, substance use and engage in risky behavior.

4. With respect to drug and alcohol problems, in dialectical behavior therapy a counselor helps substance users revisit their past to dig deep to find the point at which their drug and/or alcohol use began. Individuals are asked to relive memories.

5. Each treatment is self contained and relevant to the experience of the individual. The counselor guides the individual in the treatment, which is based on the recalled experiences and as a rule treats the needs on a ranking scale with the highest need treated first.

6. Dialectical behavior therapy helps bring understanding to persons who self harm, about their cutting. Through individual and group therapy, individuals learn how to cope with distressful situations to change how they make decisions and how their decisions relate to their behavior. Individuals learn how to control self destructive behaviors.

7. Dialectical behavior therapy is a confidence building aid for substance users. It seems to be effective in restoring their view of themselves and helps to build the communication process with others.

8. Dialectical behavior therapy uses role playing to help individuals be more assertive. They develop the skills needed to say no to the things that are not positive and productive.

9. Tolerance is one of the core values in dialectical behavior therapy. Learning to exhibit tolerance toward all others even when they don't agree you perceive them as a potential threat.

10. Dialectical behavior therapy works to find the deeper cause of the behavior that results in drug and alcohol use and then gives the individual the skills they need to overcome their situation and move past their circumstance.

If you are thinking about attending the Freedom Model Program, do not let a personality disorder or any other mental illness prevent you from attending our program. We can help those we have a been diagnosed with another disorder over alcohol or drug use. You are not diseased by addiction, we can help you find a permanent solution that works into your lifestyle. If you have heard you can't overcome addiction before, let Freedom Model's be the first program to give you hope and tell you that you can stop using and overcome substance use. Let us give you hope again, call today for more information about options we can provide for you or a family member.


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