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How is Saint Jude Retreats Different and More Effective than Treatment - Core Differences

The answer is simple - Saint Jude Retreats is the only facility in the world that offers The Freedom Model.


Basis of the Respective Model:

Saint Jude Retreats

Addiction is not a chronic, incurable, or genetic disease. You can always choose to change.

Treatment Centers

Addiction is a chronic, incurable, genetic disease. You are powerless to change and will always be in recovery or relapse.
What You Will Learn:
Addictions are learned choices, and habitual behaviors. Addiction is permanent, for which there is no end, only perpetual treatment/recovery..
Freedom vs. Control:
Empowerment, personal accountability, and commitment are keys to change. You are never labeled by your behavior choices-past or present. Negative labels define you: addict, junkie, drunk, etc. Labels apply to you now and forever - sober or clean.
Values & Beliefs:
An acceptance of all belief systems, including the choice not to believe. Your success is not dependent on any belief system. Religious belief, as well as belief in being an "addict" or "alcoholic" are essential for treatment to workYou are powerless to change and must surrender to God or to "treatment" or to "perpetual recovery."
How It Works:
The Freedom Model course empowers you to make your best decisions with personalized instruction to ensure you are able to reject the constructs of addiction and recovery and be truly free from both. No foundational structure or curriculum. Your future holds a limited lifestyle of 12 Step meetings. You are now in Recovery.
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Differences Explained:

PHILOSOPHY - You are in Control:

When we first opened the doors at Saint Jude's, we utilized the existing 12 Step model, only to see that this model was counterproductive and lead to astonishingly low success rates of 5%; the current industry average for treatment and rehabs.

As we continued our research, we quickly found that there was and is no scientific data that supports the disease concept of addiction. It was clear to us then that 12 Step and traditional treatment methods didn't work because they teach people about a "disease" that never existed and can never be cured, leaving them in a perpetual state of hopelessness and failure. This knowledge began our 3 decades long work creating and refining The Freedom Model – the only true alternative to treatment in the world. The Freedom Model upends the concepts of addiction and perpetual recovery and replaces it with freedom from both.

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