Do I Need Cocaine Rehab

Am I Addicted To Cocaine? How To Overcome Cocaine Use Without Rehab

Do I Need Cocaine RehabThe decision to get help for your cocaine use is a good start to taking back control of your life. Cocaine is a water soluble drug and presents no physical dependency and no physical withdrawal, so there is no need for medical detoxification or cocaine rehab however finding a program that can help you address your reasons for using cocaine and help you deal with your decision to use could be beneficial in helping you make lasting lifestyle changes.

Seeking help from a 12 step program may seem like the natural place to get help, after all millions of people join 12 step programs for help with drug use. 12 step programs, like many other treatment programs, argue that drug use is a disease and that the only thing you can do is seek drug treatment because there is no cure. If you seek assistance from a 12 step program, you will spend long hours in meetings or group therapy, listening to other drug users endless horror stories about their drug use. 12 step programs offer no hope and no solutions, just defeat and demands on how you are supposed to live your life.

12 step programs manipulate members to keep them in the never ending cycle of the disease, treatment, and no cure paradigm. Meaning addiction is not a disease, thus is has no real cure, but your treatment will last forever by the 12 step method while in rehab for cocaine. While it appears that 12 step programs must be successful by the high numbers of people enrolling in them, the dropout rate is estimated at 95 percent, so they really only have a 3 to 5 percent retention or success rate. The question is, if everyone in the program is diseased and there is no hope for being successfully cured, do 12 step programs have any success at all?

There is an alternative to 12 step programs; an alternative that will give you hope for a better future. Freedom Model Retreats is not a 12 step program. We do not use substitute drugs for drug use. We do not offer a drug use is a disease philosophy and we do not tell our guests how to live their lives nor do we manipulate and control them.

Drug use is not a disease; it is a choice. Drug users can make the decision to stop using drugs at any time, and in fact most problem drug users do stop using drugs at some point in their lives. We help our guests overcome their struggles with cocaine use through our educational cognitive behavioral program. Our education program helps build self confidence through self assessment and reflection to determine your reasons for drug use and to prevail over them. Our guests are empowered to set life goals and to achieve them. This is possible because unlike other programs that promote disease and treatment, Freedom Model Retreats is a non-treatment program that teaches that you do have a choice and there is hope.

You do not need cocaine rehab; you just need to learn that you can change and make choices that yield productive and enriching results. Freedom Model Retreats offers a six week program that will lead you to a more purposeful life that is free from drug use permanently.

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