Do Sober Retreats Exist?

Do I Need Rehab To Finally Become Sober?

Do Sober Retreats Exist?For more than twenty years Freedom Model Retreat Centers have been helping people take back control of their life from drugs and alcohol use. We are not a rehab or a treatment program, and we do not force people to accept the idea that they have a disease and have no control over their substance use or lives. Sober retreats do exist and they are very different than conventional rehabs today.

Freedom Model Retreats offers a relaxing environment, personalized instruction and care, as well as a proven educational program that has helped thousands of people defeat their substance use problems and go on to have long term success without drug and alcohol use.

Freedom Model Retreats offers three uniquely different settings. St. Jude Twin Rivers Retreat is our original retreat facility situated in a historical Victorian style mansion with all the luxuries of a premier retreat. St. Jude Mountain Retreat is an updated 19th century hotel, renovated especially for our guests at Freedom Model Retreats, located along a beautiful and tranquil mountain range to ensure peace and privacy.

St. Jude Executive Retreat was designed with the professional executive in mind offering private bedrooms and bathrooms, all private classes, as well as all the necessities to continue attending to business while working through Freedom Model's life changing program. Other luxury amenities at the Executive Retreat include a Jacuzzi, seasonal heated swimming pool, on-site massage therapy and sauna. The rolling hills of the beautiful Mohawk Valley are the perfect backdrop to the Freedom Model Executive Retreat.

All three Freedom Model Retreats facilities are equipped with state of the art audio and visual technology to ensure the best learning environment for our guests. When not in class, guests will discover many activities including chess, ping pong and billiards indoors, while the outdoors invite long walks through gorgeous gardens or on nature trails. Or, guests might enjoy a game of volleyball or a bike ride to take in the fresh air and sunshine.

Guests will have access to a state of the art and award winning health and fitness center and are encouraged to enjoy the surrounding community. The chef at Freedom Model Retreats specially prepares each meal to perfection and a fresh salad bar and beverages are available 24 hours 7 days per week.

Freedom Model Retreats is different in that guests pack for a vacation or a sober retreat. Bring your mp3 and your laptop and anything else you would normally take on a leisure trip. Complimentary wireless internet is available throughout the house. If you do not have a laptop, there is a computer available for guest use and you can bring your personal cell phone. We do not restrict your use of personal items or make you earn privileges, as most treatment facilities do.

Guests will discover that classes are held in very small groups, no more than 4 per instructor per class. This makes it possible for personalized and individual instruction and understanding. Our classes are designed to empower our guests and build self confidence and a genuine excitement for the future. Guests truly begin to understand that they are not diseased and they do have the power to choose not to use drugs and alcohol and ultimately change their lives.

There is no need for lifelong counseling. The Freedom Model Program features Cognitive Behavioral Learning classes that are designed to build confidence and to help our guests realize that by learning new habits and behaviors that are more productive, they can bring satisfaction and enrichment to their lives. They can take back control and go on to have more purposeful lives with long term success without drugs and alcohol.

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