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Drug Addiction Rehab Treatment AlternativeBy 1992, it became obvious to the founders of the Freedom Model Retreats, that Alcoholics Anonymous no longer provided a permanent and working solution for drug and alcohol habits. It was discovered after extensive research that drug and alcohol treatment was in no way helpful to people struggling with substance usage; and often times proved detrimental to a viable solution. It was also discovered that the statistics of the Freedom Model Program were in fact credible and evidenced success. The Freedom Model Program achieved an independently verified success rate of 62%, while modern drug and alcohol treatment and AA allege a mere 5-20% success rate. Because people are not finding solutions, and because they lose motivation with each failed attempt at sobriety, they are dying. Ideas of a day-by-day reprieve and life-long desires for drugs and alcohol are disheartening realities for most. AA and treatment do not offer permanent solutions, only temporary relief from an imaginary disease. Naturally, a proposition so grim leads to inevitable relapse.

The vast majority of treatment facilities in the United States are 12 step recovery processes or new age "holistic" programs which end up being warmed over AA. Both styles fall within the guidelines of modern 12 step or disease based programs. Alcohol and/or drug usage are commonly viewed as diseases that are genetically inherited and can never be fully cured; thus leaving those who want freedom from their habits with little hope of finding a permanent solution. The average person seeking help through traditional means will likely endure a detox facility, an in-patient residential program, out-patient treatment, nightly AA meetings, a half-way house, group therapy, counselors, drug counselors, and family counselors, anti-depressants, psychiatrists, psychologists, numerous "evaluations," and most likely an end to this string of "solutions"-relapse! Each of these can be emotionally draining and equally destructive. This is not to say that current efforts are not valid attempts, but they are misguided and often times harmful. In saying this, one must be aware of some successes through these venues; however, that percentage of success at most is 5%, and these individuals succeeded despite their trip to a treatment center, not because of it! That would mean that the remaining 95% continue to struggle with their usage issues.

Clearly this is not a small problem: men, women, adults, youths, girls, and boys, are all suffocating under this blanket of this industry driven hopelessness. But, it does not have to be that way! Though drug and alcohol rehabs are failing, there is an alternative to treatment, and that is the Freedom Model Program, the only true non 12 step, non disease based program in the nation.

At The Retreats, people find effective solutions. The Freedom Model Program promotes permanent success. No matter what kind of trouble one has, there is a solution.

Whether it is drinking, dope, amphetamines (speed, meth, methamphetamine, crank, crystal, ice, glass), methadone, benzodiazepines, xanax, valium, adivan, diazepam, oxycontin, hydrocodone, morphine, codeine, percocet, Ritalin, ultram, soma, barbiturates, ketamine, ghb, ecstasy (mdma,mda), LSD (acid), marijuana, cocaine, crack, base, opium, heroin, shooting (injecting), snorting, eating disorders, the solution is the same. Each of these is self-abuse caused by a lack of options that are seen a s viable and better than getting drunk or high. The solution is much simpler than therapeutic methods, because common sense solutions tend to be simple, yet take effort to achieve. The solution to fear and selfishness are gaining greater maturity, learning how to adjust to changing life circumstances effectively, and knowing of multiple options at life's inherent crossroads. Living a life based on these basic principles will help one to achieve permanent sobriety, and a healthy, happy lifestyle. This is a proven fact, as demonstrated by the thousands who have successfully matured out of their substance use habits at the Freedom Model Retreats.

It is common for people to feel that this program is too good to be true. This is a typical reaction in society. In dealing with substance use issues, failure is a regular occurrence in the drug rehab and alcohol treatment. This is why the Freedom Model Retreats created the alternative to treatment We are a non-profit organization, and we are also privately funded. Freedom Model strives for results; we research how to save lives; and we want to help those with perceived addictions.

There is a real solution and it is The Freedom Model Program .

Freedom Model Retreats offer an alternative to conventional drug rehab and substance abuse treatment programs providing a permanent solution for drug and alcohol problems over two decades for those struggling to overcome drug and alcohol issues. Call us for more information.


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