Drug Addiction and Alcohol Addiction Treatment and God

Drugs, Alcohol, and God - Is it Necessary To Believe To Recover?

Drug Addiction and Alcohol Addiction Treatment and God95% of people in the United States believe that humans were created by God. Due to this of this percentage, people often times seek out a drug and alcohol program to suit their religious ideas. Many times people say "I am looking for a Christian program". Others often say they want to surrender their lives and wills to God". The idea that a program is more effective if it somehow involves God or prayers or surrender, is not supported by the data.

Religiously based programs teach people to rely on God for everything from basic wants and needs to, deliverance. What tends to happen when people look to God for a miraculous deliverance from their alcohol or substance abuse, instead of changing themselves, they continue in their poor choice making, all the while waiting for God to deliver them. When these people do not feel different or their "cravings" for drugs or alcohol do not subside, they automatically assume that one, the program doesn't work for them and two, they must be a horrible person and God does not hear their prayers. People will then sit and wait for something to happen. They find themselves going round and around in circles still waiting, while their lives are becoming more and more miserable.

The truth is, whether or not you believe in God, as human beings we all have free will. As people, we make choices and decisions everyday that affect every area of our lives. From the smallest choice to the biggest decision, we are able to control these very things. Then, as humans, most of us are able to accept the outcomes of our choices and decisions. If the outcomes are not favorable to us, we will then try something different. These learning experiences are what help us to grow and mature into accountable individuals.

If you, as an individual, have chosen to practice a religion or have a relationship with God, what choices and decisions you have made thus far have led you to that point. People will often say that they have put their "addiction in God's hands". The problem with that is, it takes all responsibility and accountability off the person itself and holds God responsible for their actions.

The truth is, we all decide what path our lives take. We all create our own happiness. We have the ability to choose productivity over chaos. To some, those are God given rights and to others, the truth is what they perceive it to be. The fact still remains that we possess certain abilities that can lead us to a purposeful life but, to deny those abilities and expect God to make life's choices for us, is setting ourselves up for failure and misery.


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