Addiction Treatment for Millennials

Let's rethink how we approach addiction treatment for millennials

Addiction Treatment for MillennialsFreedom Model Retreats welcomes all guests 16 years old or older, so our retreats are open to all millennials. We're constantly pursuing new ways to reach and encourage our youngest, and often substance use savviest, guests while, at the same time, our methods and philosophy revolve around universal ideas that cross generational and gender barriers.

If you were born between the early 1980's and 2000, you have unique experiences that influence the way you and your peers communicate and perceive the world. We do our best to accommodate this particular perspective, from hiring millennial staff members to incorporating your passions, interests, and digital habits into your program.

Open Minds and Arms

Too often, traditional addiction treatment for millennials is alienating. Traditional 12 Step and rehab programs expect participants to adopt uniform goals and think of their sobriety and progress in strict, all-or-nothing terms. We understand that your generation takes individuality seriously, and you've been exposed to too many diverse perspectives to consider limiting yourself in this way.

You grew up alongside the Internet, experienced childhood both before and after the attacks of September 11, and watched a new century begin. You also support equal rights in greater numbers than any generation that came before you, so you know you deserve to be treated with respect and to use your own free will in determining your future.

Forward-thinking Strategies

At Freedom Model Retreats, our program approach is to have you feel empowered and excited about your life. If you've already completed one or more 12-step addiction treatment programs, know that we empathize with any frustrations you experienced as you attempted to improve yourself in what is often a negative, defeating atmosphere. We also have good news: it's easier to change than you might think! Substance use is a personal choice, and our innovative approach is based on the fact that you are fully capable of making healthier and more fulfilling decisions.

Our millennial guests are particularly empowered people. You may have felt vulnerable to the stress and over-stimulation that's all too common in modern homes, workplaces, social situations, and learning institutions. Our goal is to help you tune out the noise of external influences and realize that you are in complete control. You'll find your locus of control is within you, not externally driven from stressors, situations, people, or any outside factors. If you choose to stay with us, you'll set both short-term and long-term goals by making a plan for yourself to fulfill the goals, dreams, interests, and passions that are yours and yours alone. We want you to draw up the blueprints on what a successful, happy life looks like for you because you're the only one who can.

Practical Guidance

As pay rates remain stagnant and the economy continues to recover from recent recessions, your age group doesn't have the same guarantees that your parents and grandparents did in early adulthood. If you struggle to limit your substance use as well, it can seem even harder to gain a solid footing in the workforce. Don't hesitate to seek help simply because you're concerned about your career, family, or other personal responsibilities. The sooner you make the changes you wish to make, the faster you can live a fulfilled, happier life on your own terms.

Of course, you're completely responsible for the choices you make, whether they involve substances or not. We'll help you prepare and plan for life ahead and make this exciting transition less overwhelming. Call one of our Guest Services Consultants today for free, confidential information.


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