Aftercare Policies And Procedures For Drug Rehab

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Drug Rehab Aftercare

Aftercare Policies And Procedures For Drug RehabMany believe that an aftercare program is important after you complete rehab because it helps to increase your chances of a successful sobriety. However, almost every drug rehab center requires participation in a 12 step program as a part of the aftercare policies and procedures for drug rehab. Many rehab centers will tell you that if you do not participate in a 12 step program you will not be allowed to enter their program or will be kicked out of their program for noncompliance.

12 Step Programs

For years, individuals struggling with drug use have been told that they had to be part of a 12 step program such as NA in order to treat their "addiction." 12 step programs promote a feeling of self loathing and inspire a feeling of failure among their members. 12 step programs use labels such as "addict" and they teach that is all you will ever be.

12 step programs teach the false idea that you inherited an addictive gene that has been passed down from generation to generation in your family and as a result you have an incurable disease. They teach that there is no hope for you and that you are powerless against your drug use. 12 step programs report that the only treatment available is total abstinence, belief in a higher power and a life spent in group meetings, listening to other members, who have been brainwashed into believing that they are hopeless too, and who vent their hostilities and frustrations regarding their drug use.


According to 12 step philosophy, you will never be able to overcome your drug use and you will relapse. They lead you to believe that your life will be spent in and out of rehab, getting clean and returning to drugs, a life that is more like a merry go round of failure and substance use. They don't blame you because well you are a victim of your disease, it is not really your fault. However, they expect you to flagellate yourself verbally and emotionally for your failure to abstain and they promote a feeling of shame and worthlessness.

It is no wonder that 95 percent of the people who begin 12 step programs as aftercare to drug rehab, drop out because they are tired of being beaten up by the program and realize that they cannot be successful. After years of repeated drug use, meetings, labeling, self pity and being told they will never be anything more than a drug addict, many individuals come to the decision that there has to be something else.

The truth is that there is no such thing as an addictive gene, you are not diseased and you are not powerless. Your drug use is a learned behavior and just as you learned to use drugs you can learn not to use drugs. You do not have a brain disease. Right now, your brain associates the happy feelings you have when you use drugs, with the drug use. Your brain can be retrained, or remapped to associate the same feeling with another activity that is more productive and positive.

Freedom Model Retreats offers a 12 week Cognitive Behavioral Learning program that teaches self assessment and self change to our guests. Our guests learn to make decisions that are productive and to form behaviors that are positive for a life that is purposeful. Our guests discover that they can have a life that is permanently free from substance use.


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