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Are Smart Drugs Potentially Dangerous?

Smart drugs, or nootropics, might be here to stay, but what are the potential risks associated with use?

Are Smart Drugs Potentially Dangerous?Smart drugs, also known as nootropics, are drugs that may improve your brain's cognitive function and help with mental performance. Using these drugs is thought to improve many different aspects of your mental function such as memory, your ability to focus, and can aid in increasing motivation to help you accomplish your mental goals. With all of these positive aspects of smart drugs, many people wonder what the downside is to nootropics and if they pose any danger.

Wonder Drug for Whom?

Smart drugs may seem like a wonder drug. Since they improve memory and brain function, these drugs have been particularly helpful for college students. However, college students may not be the only age group to benefit from smart drugs. There has been some limited evidence to suggest that nootropics may aid in slowing or preventing age related neurodegenerative diseases and mental cognitive decline. This is potentially good news for people with diseases such as Alzheimer's.

Long Term Effects of Smart Drugs Unknown

Although smart drugs have been considered relatively safe by medical professionals, there is little known about the long term side effects of using these drugs. Since they are so new to the market, there haven't been any long term studies of the effects that these drugs have on the human mind and body. Some factors to consider when it comes to the possible risks of smart drugs are the frequency of usage, interaction with other drugs, and the overall health and development of the person using these drugs.

Safety Precautions for Smart Drug Use

Because the long term effects are still unknown, it's a good idea to limit the usage of nootropics in teens because their brains are still in the development process. Some people believe that nootropics may in fact be more beneficial to developing brains and may aid in improving that development. Others believe that a developing brain may become dependent on the drug and will restrict the brain's ability to adapt to new situations. It's also important to limit the dosage of these drugs to prescribed or directed dosages. Some studies have shown that, when taken in high doses, people feel a dependence because of the effectiveness of the drug.

When thinking about taking any drug, it's important to speak with a trusted medical professional. There are many different kinds of nootropics, each with a specific guideline for dosage and usage. Consult your doctor before using any kind of nootropics.

If you or a loved one are struggling with smart drug usage, or any substance use that you want to change, call today to speak to a Freedom Model Retreats Family Consultant. They can help you decide if a self-directed, non-12 Step Cognitive Behavioral Learning program (CBL) is a good fit for you and your personal needs and situation.


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