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Are You A Priest Who Uses Drugs?

Drug rehab can be intimidating, especially if your profession is helping people in need.

priest drugsSubstance use is a sensitive and private subject for most people, and we understand why. The stigmas of lifelong "addiction" and "alcoholism" are reinforced every day by the media, the legal system, and even traditional treatment centers. Shame and fear prevent many from seeking help at all, because they don't want to "out" themselves as a substance user or share their private secrets with strangers. Unfortunately, the stakes are even greater for those who make a living as moral guides. It doesn't have to be a lifelong struggle or a public one. You can receive private, confidential help and move beyond substance use once and for all.

If you're a priest, pastor, imam, rabbi, or any other religious leader, your career depends on your ability to abstain from overly indulgent behavior and set a good example for your followers. There's no room for heavy drug use or drinking in that narrative, so you have very good reasons to be concerned about entering a rehab or treatment center. In fact, they're among the many valid concerns that inspired Freedom Model's alternative approach to substance use. Learn why our program is so ideal for clergy members like you, and why the following benefits aren't possible in 12 Step programs.

Private Payment Options

Traditional rehabs often operate as medical facilities, so they keep detailed medical records and use them to receive payment approvals from insurance companies. Freedom Model doesn't follow a 12 Step curriculum or treat substance use as a disease, and we're not a clinic, rehab, or treatment center. As a result, insurance providers never enter the picture when you stay with us. No third party requires your private information to reimburse us, so your personal details don't pass through multiple channels that you can't see or control.

Full Control Over Your Information

In fact, we don't simply keep your medical or clinical records to ourselves; we never create them at all. Throughout your stay, you'll have the opportunity to document your progress and complete Cognitive Behavioral Education exercises with your own workbook and worksheets. These remain in your sole custody, and we don't make copies. Some of our guests choose to destroy their workbooks prior to leaving as that that provides them with additional closure and relief while others keep the text and workbooks as a record of their journey.

Intimate, In-Depth Attention

Processing clinical records is time-consuming, and it keeps staff members physically and psychologically disconnected from the human beings whose details they're handling. Because we don't create any medical or clinical records during your stay or submit claims to insurance companies, we have that much more time to spend with you, our guest. We use that time to get to know you better, so we can provide personalized materials and better understand your needs as a clergy member. In fact you'll write your own personalized plan to go home which addresses your own needs and goals. We'll be there to help and support you but not to make decisions for you.

Progress At Your Pace

You're determined to find a solution for your substance use problem, and we're just as determined to facilitate that process. We won't insert our own agenda or timeline into your journey, though. Our straightforward, self-directed curriculum isn't open-ended like 12 Step programs, and you don't have to worry about leaving your place of worship for months on end.

If you're a clergy member and you struggle to moderate or stop your substance use, contact Freedom Model Retreats today to learn more.


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