What is the Best Drug Rehabilitation?

If you are seeking The Best Program for a Drug Addiction, Think Twice

What is the best Drug Rehabilitation Center?Drug Rehabilitation Treatment attempts to remove traces of addiction from patients with substance abuse or psychological problems. Most drug rehabilitation programs employ a conventional 12-step program. But while all drug rehabilitation programs work toward a common goal, the Best Drug Rehabilitation program is one that adopts a choice based philosophy or freedom model. The best drug rehabilitation program is the program that is the antitheses of the conventional, diseased based treatment program. A program that is choice based should not be confused or classified in any way with conventional 12-step programs at all. In fact, those that enroll in a choice based drug use program will not be "treated" or "rehabilitated". They will be educated. They will be given the tools to make sensible and well-informed decisions regarding their substance usage.

The best drug rehabilitation programs do not believe in the powerless, diseased state of addiction. This is the single greatest reason conventional treatment programs are ineffective. Once the power of choice is realized and a commitment to that choice is made, a permanent solution is found. The simple fact that the disease of addiction is not a disease at all can empower people to triumph over their substance use habit. Choice becomes empowering.

The best Drug Rehab programs do not believe that sobriety or even moderating use of substances is dependent on a higher power or God. According to the conventional 12-step program, finding a higher power or God is the only solution. Only God can provide the power. The best substance use programs teach individuals that bad choices are merely behaviors, and that people change their behaviors everyday regardless of their religious beliefs. The best drug rehab programs do not use fear tactics such as teaching people they need to go to support meetings for the rest of their lives. The best drug rehabilitation program does not advocate staying in a drug abuse culture, skirting productive action and shirking personal responsibility. A basic lack of maturity and a failure to accept certain adult responsibilities is the root case of substance use problems. This fundamental lack of maturity is manifested through a drive fro immediate gratification over deferred gratification and working toward long term goals. The best drug use program's purpose is to empower the substance user to think for themselves in a confident and mature fashion and to teach how to have courage to make positive choices. For the substance users who are immature, perpetual victims, or completely terrified of taking responsibility for themselves and their own actions, the disease of addiction can serve as a lifetime excuse for their failures.

The best drug use program, a choice based program, has shown that those who mature and take personal responsibility for their lives walk away from substance use quickly and easily.


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