Do I Need To Spend A Lot Of Money To Get A Better Treatment For Addiction?

The cost can be shocking, but is it really necessary?

Do I Need To Spend A Lot Of Money To Get A Better Treatment For Addiction?When it comes to drug and alcohol rehab, the quantity on your bill doesn't necessarily reflect the quality of your care. If you're looking for a place to learn effective coping mechanisms and work toward sobriety, you have a variety of different options in every price range. Instead of spending a fortune at a "prestigious" facility or limiting your choices to free outpatient programs, consider the following factors.


If you've decided to seek help, you probably expect some benefits that you can't provide yourself. What are they exactly? Do you want time and distance from your current surroundings, to prevent you from returning to substances again? When you imagine your transformation, do you expect certain material comforts? What are the kinds of outcomes that best suit you?

Now, consider the priorities of the programs you research. Do they advertise an atmosphere of understanding or luxury? Do they list the thread count of the sheets on your bed or the success rate of their program? If they invest in amenities like waterfront views, you may pay extra without necessarily receiving better care in return.


12 Step programs are based on the idea that addiction will always control you. If you're willing to substitute your substance of choice for the mandates of a lifelong treatment program, don't base your decision on the mistaken assumption that it's the only effective option. Long-standing programs like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) are still considered standard by countless judges and doctors often mainly due to their ignorance of other program options, but 12 Step models are a one-size-fits-all approach, and they don't acknowledge your own power and independence.

If you let someone else choose your treatment methods or you settle for a free outpatient program, it may be sponsored by a charity, church, or government organization. These are often 12 Step programs that screen you based on specific criteria with a specific agenda of their own, which may or may not meet your needs. If you want to have full control over your future, take full control over your program and don't allow anyone else to determine when or how you stop using substances.


The 12 Step model asks you to replace your dependence on alcohol or drugs with a dependence on a higher power. It also conditions you to believe that you will always be weaker than your habits, but that an unseen force, alcohol and drugs, remains stronger, so you need to rely on the Higher Power and your 12 Step adherence forever. Of course, this approach doesn't appeal to everyone. If you're not religious, you can't suddenly become a person of faith simply because it makes your treatment easier. In fact, a disingenuous rush to religion could hinder your recovery as well if that is all that is holding it together. The Freedom Model Program, in contrast, asks you to rely on your own ability to make better future choices, your inherent free will, and personal responsibility. If you are a person of faith, you will find your personal program will only be that much more enhanced be adding your spiritual goals to it as well.

Freedom Model is a non-profit program, so we keep costs as low as possible instead of padding your price with unnecessary luxuries. However, we also make sure our guests are comfortable and in control of their own program choices. We don't allow insurance providers to influence our methods or access your records, and our priorities are your priorities. You'll have control over the goals you make, and we don't incorporate religion themes into our curriculum unless you request them for your personal plan. Take full advantage of our presenters, our onsite libraries, and staff members to pursue long-term changes that are more valuable in the long run than any high-priced rehab stint.


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