Do I Really Need Drug Rehab?

The Ugly Truth About Drug Rehabs and 12 Step Programs

Do I Really Need Drug RehabIf you are struggling with drug use, you may feel like a drug rehab or a 12 Step program is your only option for changing your behavior. You may be wondering "Do I really need drug rehab in the first place?" Drug rehab programs are often viewed as the gold standard of treatment and a necessary step towards sobriety. Ultimately, though, the decision to change has to come from you, and you will be the one to do the work of making and maintaining changes. You do not need a drug rehab or 12-Step program to do this; indeed, you do not need anything more than your own determination and strength. While some people may benefit from getting outside help and support, it is not strictly necessary for success.

Drug Rehab and 12 Step Programs

While drug rehabs and 12 Step programs are a popular option for people struggling with drug and alcohol use, they have a very poor success rate. That is because they come from a negative perspective, using fear to motivate change. In these programs, you are asked to continually acknowledge that you have a "disease" that cannot be cured and you will always be defined by your past behavior, even if you have been clean and sober for years. People who participate in these programs live in fear that they will relapse because these programs promote the idea that a single mistake can undo years of maintaining a clean and sober lifestyle.

Negative reinforcement loses effect over time and many people who do seek treatment from drug rehabs and 12 Step programs will relapse because the programs have so little in the way of content to rely on for change. Studies suggest that seeking no treatment actually leads to a better chance of maintaining long-term sobriety than getting treatment from rehab and 12 Step programs using these negative, fear-based strategies.

There Are Other Better Options

The most important factor to gaining sobriety is your commitment to change your behavior. Whatever program you choose — including none at all — will be effective if you are determined to change. For most people the decision to become sober is based on feeling something is more important to them than continuing to use drugs and alcohol. It could be the threat of losing health, family, access to jobs, or a valued career, or the realization that drugs and alcohol do not fit into the lifestyle you want to have. Whatever motivates your decision, your belief in yourself is a critical component to success.

Freedom Model Retreats is a non-12 Step Program that can help you make this change. For some people, a structured program removed from the stress of everyday life can be a positive beginning on their path to sobriety. Our residential program removes guests from distractions, which allows guests to focus on themselves, the changes they wish to make, and how they want to make them. At Freedom Model Retreats, you will be surrounded with like-minded people in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. You'll have the information and tools to assist you in changing your behavior, while gaining confidence in yourself. Our Cognitive Behavioral Learning Program (CBL)\ is a transformational, self-directed program that emphasizes personal responsibility, empowerment and success as you define it. You build your personal plan to move forward to meet your goals and dreams without a fear of relapse and with a new sense of self-confidence and determination.

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