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Substance Abuse Among Men

Drug Alcohol Rehab For MenIt is a known fact that men use drugs and alcohol for different reasons than women do and the same can be said for the reasons men seek drug and alcohol rehab assistance. Almost sixty percent of the individuals that have excessive and chronic drug and alcohol use are men, according to statistics released by the Centers for Disease Control.


Although the statistics show that one in thirteen people in the U.S. have excessive alcohol use; additional research shows that men are twice as likely to become alcoholics and four times as likely to have heavy alcohol consumption problems as women. Drug and alcohol over use in men can escalate quickly which can ultimately lead to problems in relationships at work, school and in your family. Men are also at risk for developing anger management issues, career and financial problems, not to mention the fact that drug and alcohol use can also create debilitating health issues.

For the families and friends that are caught in the middle of a loved one's substance use, watching a life destroyed by excessive drugs and alcohol can leave them feeling helpless and afraid. Often times, the safety of those closest to the individual with substance use is at a greater risk as they try to offer assistance.

The health impact that excessive and chronic drug and alcohol use have on men can be devastating. When men continuously use substance they put themselves at risk for developing cirrhosis, liver and kidney failure, cancer, stroke, heart disease, Wernicke's disease, Korsakoff's syndrome, diabetes, sexual dysfunction and malnutrition.

Differences In Men And Women

One of the main differences of drug and alcohol use between men and women is that although women may develop a dependence on alcohol and drugs more quickly than men; men will turn to drugs and alcohol more frequently than women, especially when faced with an emotional or stressful situation or issue. Also, the stigma attached to female participation is not applied to males and as a result male drinking and drugging is more socially accepted, which results in more men using drugs and alcohol and as a result, are in need of assistance.

The need for a rehab that is geared specifically for men and the issues that lead to their drug and alcohol use, has been addressed in a series of rehabilitation treatment centers for men. Drug and alcohol rehab centers for men mostly use 12 step philosophy, but some other methods include non 12 step philosophy, or holistic methods to help individuals address their substance use and to help them move past their circumstances and give them the tools and skills they need to avoid or abstain from drug and alcohol use.

Freedom Model Retreats offers a six week, Cognitive Behavioral Learning program that helps men with their substance use through self assessment and self change. We are a non-treatment, non 12 step program. Our guests learn to make choices and decisions that are productive and enhancing to their lives as well as develop habits and behaviors that are positive and enriching. Guests discover that they can have a life that is permanently free from drugs and alcohol.


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