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Drug Programs NYDrug programs in NY offer a variety of services from traditional drug programs that implement 12 Step programs, to clinics that offer drug replacement therapy. Some even offer Cognitive Behavioral Learning (CBL) that addresses behavior modification as a solution for drug use.

While some problems attempt to "fix" your drug use by telling you that your drug use is a disease, that you will never be cured, and offering meetings for the rest of your life; or worse, giving you other drugs in place of the drugs you have been using; the problem is not that you need a "fix" or "band aid" for your drug use, but that you need a solution that will help you deal with the problem once and for all.

The first thing that you need to determine is whether or not you will need detox for your substance use. Depending on the type of drugs you have been using, how often you have been using drugs, how much of the drug you have been using and how long you have been using drugs – you may need to detoxify before you can enter a drug program in NY. If you are unsure, check with a doctor.

Almost all of the drug programs in NY use a version of a 12 Step program, whether it is through an inpatient rehab or outpatient program. 12 Step programs teach that drug use is a disease that you got genetically passed down from your parents. After a 12 Step program, meetings are often recommended to stay sober or clean. This is not necessary and promotes a life-long recovery crutch.

12 Step treatment is centered around a belief in a higher power which one must submit to, a need for lifelong total abstinence, and attending meetings for the rest of your life. There is another problem with the ideology of 12 Step programs and that is they teach that you are powerless against your drug use and that you will inevitably have a relapse. If that is true, then they are essentially saying that any attempt at abstinence will be a failure and you can look forward to many revisits to rehab.

Another type of drug program in NY that is relatively popular is a drug replacement program. These types of outpatient programs allow you to self-report to a clinic or doctor's office to receive a drug to take in place of the drugs you have been using. In many cases, the replacement drug may be methadone, buprenorphine, or Suboxone. All of these drugs are opioids and are in the family of narcotics not unlike Vicodin, morphine, and heroin. These drugs affect the central nervous system the same way opioids do and if you take them for long periods of time, you could become dependent on them. If you should relapse after using replacement drugs and use again, you can be at higher risk for overdose.

Another option for drug programs in NY is Cognitive Behavioral Learning (CBL) which teaches individuals to use self change and self awareness to make decisions that are more productive and to develop habits that are more purposeful. Individuals learn the truth about addiction, what it is and what it is not and also that they have total control over their drug use. If you want to permanently change your substance use behavior and live your life without fear of relapse or dedicating your life to meeting attendance, call Freedom Model Retreats for further information on (CBL) and how it can help you move forward permanently with your life.


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