Drug Rehab for Millennials

Millenials Demand a Fresh Perspective Regarding Drug Rehab

Drug Rehab for Millenials If you were born in the 1980's or 90's, you belong to a unique generation that shares an ever-evolving relationship with technology, the media, and each other. You can't be defined by your birth date or peer group, of course, and your surroundings can't dictate the choices you make. However, you've had so many brand new experiences that you might feel restricted or neglected by communication and education techniques that haven't caught up to you yet. That includes drug rehab techniques and other medical and social approaches to substance use, most of which were developed in the early 20th century!

Updated Approach to Substance Use

The majority of drug rehab programs still rely on principles and methods that haven't changed for decades. From the harsh label of "addict" to mandatory sharing personal information with strangers, these antiquated standards are especially restrictive for people who want to exercise their own freedom to choose and change their behaviors. If you're currently struggling with your own substance use and think you're in need of drug or alcohol rehab, don't assume that your options are limited. You're perfectly capable of changing your own life, but it's important to find a substance use program that helps you actually do that.

Emphasizing sobriety and demonizing substances is an overarching, rather than individualized, treatment approach. It can't possibly work for everyone, let alone every age group, and it's especially problematic for people who aren't yet confident enough to believe that they can genuinely control their own circumstances and choices.

At Freedom Model Retreats, we do our best to understand and influence the cultural and social norms that dictate the way our guests perceive themselves. That's especially true for the millennial generation. Yours was the first to enter adulthood under the glare of intensive social media. The economic recession further shaped your transitions into students, parents, and professionals. Millennials aren't the first people to struggle with their confidence, but they're definitely the first to enjoy so much access to negative information and interactions.

An Emphasis on Personal Freedom

Unfortunately, drug rehab for millennials often revolves around suppressing or controlling your needs and desires. You don't have to worry about that at Freedom Model. When you stay with us, you're here to work toward your own goals, not ours. You get to decide whether you want to stop using drugs or alcohol, use them less frequently, or simply understand why you're not making choices that make you happy.

Our presentations are creative, inclusive, and up-to-date. You can incorporate them into your own personal plan, learning the skills you determine you need, and addressing the problems you identify to work on as you get to know yourself better. Instead of replacing alcohol or drugs with a new external authority, you'll tap into the authority within yourself.

An Approach as Unique as You Are

External factors can't determine the choices you make, but they can influence your expectations and habits, so we take your unique experiences into consideration. While we recognize your individuality, we also embrace the fact that your generation communicates and expresses itself in ways that your parents and grandparents couldn't imagine. That spirit should be celebrated and harnessed, rather than stifled or shamed. Our program is designed to help you embrace your unique needs, wants and values without sacrificing your lifestyle, dreams and goals. Our aim is to help you feel empowered to be the best most authentic you can be!

If dealing with substance use on your individual terms sounds like a program you would like to know more about, call one of our Family Consultants today. They can provide the information you'll need to see if Freedom Model Retreats is the right place to help you leave substance use behind.


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