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Please read carefully as using drugs does not imply you are diseased

Finding A Drug Rehabilitation TreatmentIn today's society, medical professionals are so fast to diagnose at an early age such conditions as bipolar, ADHD and/or anxiety issues. The easy solution to dealing with these issues is to prescribe medication which can lead to dependency at an early age. Peer pressure in schools and wanting to "fit in" can also influence young people to want to experiment with drugs, hence, the addiction begins. Drug Rehabilitation Treatment now is the only recourse there is, from a family's perspective. But, is this really the best solution? The person will be put on medication to lower their anxiety and to help curb their desire to do drugs. Does it make sense to prescribe medication to a person who is already struggling with a dependency? A person who attends the Freedom Model Program is not looked at as being a drug addict, an alcoholic or as being sick or diseased. The person has made some bad choices in life, as we all have, but they are shown how to handle stressful situations without depending on a drug to get them through.

Drug Rehabilitation Treatment do not educate people and they don't allow the person to get to the core issue of why and how the drug abuse started. Again, they will tell the person they need to be on medication to help them with their drug dependency. The Freedom Model Program is based on extensive research and finds that most people who attend a drug rehabilitation facility will continue to use and abuse drugs once they leave the facility. One of the reasons for this is because the person was not taught that happiness comes from being selfless, not selfish.

A person does not need to depend on a drug for an instant euphoria because once the drug wares off, the person is right back where they started, dependent on a drug for happiness.

If happiness, and feeling in control sounds like something you can benefit from, please give us a call, we can help.


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