Is Drug Rehabilitation Effective?

Freedom Model's offers an Effective Solution, that is not Treatment

Can Drug Rehabilitation Be Effective?The term "effective" in effective drug rehab should be one of major concern for any person that is looking for a drug rehabilitation clinic. The word effective is used to show that something works. For a drug rehabilitation to be effective it will mean that a person will no longer use a substance. 12 Step programs tell a person that they are diseased and so if a person is diseased, they are stuck with this disability. If a person is told they are diseased and will have to live with these problems for the rest of their life, this is not effective drug rehabilitation. This is setting up a person to continually fail and not make their life better. This is what many rehabs do unfortunately and many people fail when they are told they are going to effective drug rehabilitation.

Each time a person fails they feel that what they are taught through the 12 Step program or Disease concept that maybe they are actually doomed for life, when that is not really the case. If a person is looking for effective drug rehab treatment, they should start with a rehab that has proven success rates, as well as a program that is effective. Many rehabs make claims of being effective drug rehabilitation facilities, yet they put a person in worse shape. This is due to a lack of sincerity and knowledge of how to be an effective drug rehab program.

Effective drug rehabilitation would be a person overcoming their use and making a happier life for them self. This is the case with the Freedom Model Retreats, and the Freedom Model that is taught there. At the Freedom Model Retreats, a person is given the tools to effectively overcome their alcohol or drug use, and live a better life. The Retreats has over 20 years of experience in being effective, and most guests go on to be substance use free.


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