Finding Rehab Centers In NYC

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What Type Of Rehab Center In NYC Are You Looking For?

Finding Rehab Centers In NYCThere are a variety of rehab treatment facilities available in New York City, from traditional 12 step programs, holistic programs that offer a mind, body and spirit approach, medical rehab centers and educational programs. Finding rehab centers in NYC is just a question of the type of service you are looking for and ultimately which one will help you overcome your drug and or alcohol problem.

NYC And Substance Misuse

With more than 18 million residents in New York City and almost as many visitors, NYC is really one of the most exciting places on the planet. Unfortunately, with those large numbers of people also come a large number of individuals with substance use problems. NYC is a key player in worldwide drug trafficking. More than a million people struggle with excessive drug and alcohol use. Marijuana is the most common drug used in NYC and there are two different forms: Canadian and Mexican. A large number of individuals use heroin which has led to its own complications including hepatitis C, as well as HIV and AIDS and a number of other sexually transmitted diseases.

Prescription drug over use is also a problem in New York City. However, more people ages 35 and up in NYC were admitted to the hospital for cocaine overdose than for any other drug according to the Centers for Disease Control. While those statistics are sobering, another substance use issue for NYC is the large numbers of individuals affected by excessive alcohol use. There are nearly a half million people that use alcohol excessively and of those approximately 200,000 are admitted into one of the rehab centers in NYC.

Traditional Rehab Centers In NYC

In most cases traditional rehab centers in NYC implement a 12 step program. 12 step programs place emphasis on a substance use is a disease theory. They also support the idea that you inherited your disease from your family through either an alcoholic gene or an addiction gene. 12 step programs promote the belief that the only treatment available is meetings for the rest of your life, abstinence and belief in a higher power to free you from your addiction or alcoholism.

These programs, such as AA, NA and others, teach that you are powerless in your efforts to abstain and that you will relapse. 12 step programs boast more than 2 million members worldwide, however they also have a nearly 95 percent dropout rate which causes them to have to constantly recruit.

Replacement Drug Therapy

Medical rehab centers are yet another option for substance use and involved some type of replacement drug therapy such as methadone, suboxone or subutex. These clinics are a self reporting method in which you check into the clinic on an outpatient basis and receive medication that you can take at home. These methods are not seen as overwhelmingly effective as many individuals begin taking the replacement drugs and never stop taking them.

If you don't think rehab is right for you, consider an alternative, such as the Freedom Model Retreats Program. With an office conveniently located in New York City, this program incorporates Cognitive Behavioral Learning which does not involve drug replacement therapy, and does not support the idea that substance use is a disease. You have the power to make a different choice through the power of self change and self assessment. Through productive decisions and choices you can change your current habits and develop new ones that will make life more productive, positive and purposeful. An alternative program such as Freedom Model's will offer you solutions that no rehab can.


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