How Can a Luxury Drug Rehab End My Addiction?

Do you need a permanent solution for your addiction? Do you like comfort and luxurious amenities? Freedom Model Retreats has a solution for you

Luxury Drug Rehab To End AddictionIf you are struggling with drug use and want to know how a luxury drug rehab can end your addiction, there are a few things for you to consider regarding the differences in the types of services and philosophies in a luxury drug rehab alternative program as opposed to a traditional one. You may be wondering what exactly an alternative program is.

A non-treatment alternative program to rehab contains the following ideas:

  • Addiction is not a disease
  • Addiction is not a genetic or a brain disorder
  • Relapse is not a normal or expected part of recovery
  • Religion does not have to be the focus of a program or even involved for effectiveness
  • Substance use is a behavior or habit that can be changed

In a luxury drug rehab alternative program, the focus is on you getting past the circumstances of your drug use and not being trapped in a logic that labels you, passes judgment on you, or manipulates you into accepting a particular view of your drug use.

Programs such as Freedom Model Retreats can help you address the reasons you have for your drug use, consider your choices, and help you begin planning for your future and setting personal goals. Traditional drug rehab centers that follow a 12 Step ideology teach that you are diseased, powerless, and incapable of overcoming your drug use.

Alternative programs, like Freedom Model Retreats, are often set in tranquil environments with upscale amenities, have a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, and include the use of personal electronics and access to technology for communication with friends, family and work. In contrast, traditional drug rehabs or government funded agencies generally places patients in a hospital-like setting and prohibit patients from bringing in any personal electronic devices. Traditional drug rehabs sometimes enforce strict rules during your stay and also restrict outside communication with family, friends, or even business partners.

A luxury drug rehab and alternative programs will provide well balanced nutritious meals featuring organic fresh fruits and vegetables. Unlike traditional drug rehab programs that serve institutional and mass produced meals, luxury drug rehab and luxury alternative programs will serve gourmet food prepared on site. While there are obvious benefits to staying in a luxurious rehab versus a traditional rehab, your first priority should be on the methods they use and whether these methods are a good fit to help you move forward permanently past your substance use issues. You can receive the same amenities, like gourmet food preparation on site, in a drug and alcohol alternative program like Freedom Model Retreats and have a permanent solution for your substance use issues.

If you're truly ready to change your life and overcome drug use permanently, consider an alternative program such as Freedom Model Retreats with an independently verified success rate. Overcoming drug use is not easy. You will need to focus and rethink your past, present, and future behaviors and create your own plan of change. Drug use can be stopped and you can start today on your own path of exploration, discovery and change. Call Freedom Model Retreats to speak to a Guest Services Consultant who can answer your questions -888.424.2626.


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