How Do I Know if a Drug Rehab is Successful?

Making a decision to enroll in a drug rehab is not an easy one. Learn more about how to make the right choice.

How do I know if a drug rehab is successful?In order to determine whether or not a drug rehab is successful, you need to consider the type of program, the methods that are used as treatment, the quality of the care that you will be given, your commitment to the program, and your motivation to continue following the program once you leave. If you are wondering, how do I know if a drug rehab is successful; the answer is quite simple. When you leave the program, if you do not return to your drug use and do not feel the burden of endless rehab and recovery, the program stands as successful.

There are a lot of different drug rehab programs out there and each one makes their own claims as to how successful you can be if you enter their program. Most of these programs are the same in that they follow the 12 Steps ideology of drug use as a disease. The 12 Step ideology of addiction states you have no control over your drug use behavior and you are, and will forever remain, powerless against resisting drug use. The only treatments are abstinence and surrendering to a higher power. It is a certainty that you will relapse and you will need 12 Step meetings for the rest of your life.

12 Step methods have been proven time and again to be highly ineffective at helping individuals successfully overcome their drug dependency. For the most part, labeling an individual a "drug addict" and telling them that is all they will ever be, not only damages the self confidence and self esteem of the individual trying to get better, but it also attaches a stigma to the individual. These programs, AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), NA (Narcotics Anonymous), and others boast a 2 million worldwide enrollment; however they have a 95% dropout rate within the first year.

It's hard to be successful in a drug rehab program because of some of the ideas and theories taught throughout them. After you have completed detox from the drugs and overcome the physical withdrawal symptoms, you are simply left with only a habit of use. Traditional drug rehab will not help you break this habit, but it will leave you feeling damaged, diseased, and demoralized. Traditional drug programs tell you that you have a disease and that you will give in to the cravings at some point and "relapse"-it's an expected part of the drug addiction cycle that "everyone" in 12 Step methods must endure for a lifetime. However, there is no empirical evidence to support that there is a drug addiction "disease" and there is no proof that a drug addict gene exists, so the reality is that you do have control over your drug "cravings" and physical withdrawal.

A program that will help you be successful will offer an educational program that will teach you how to make choices and decisions that are more productive and in your best interest. A successful drug program will teach you the tools you need for reevaluating your decisions, to develop habits and behaviors that change your patterns of behavior and remove any element of drug use from your life. A successful drug program will build your self confidence and self esteem and empower you to have a life that is permanently free from drug use.

Freedom Model Retreats offers a Cognitive Behavior Education (CBL) program that can do just that! Our guests learn to make choices that are positive and productive and to form habits and behaviors that are enriching to their life and their goals of happiness. Our guests have gone on to have lifelong success in a life that does not include drug use or endless cycles of relapse, treatment, and meetings. Our guests choose to use their energies to live life.


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