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If you are seeking help because you think you are in need of a Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Facility please read the following article.

Do I Need An Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Facility?An Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Center is most often residential in nature because it requires the individual live within the facility during the duration of their treatment. The duration of the programs vary widely from weeks to months. Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Facilities usually have a higher level of care than outpatient programs, along with twenty-four hour care, more intensive services and treatments than the lower levels of the care continuum. The care could encompass a multitude of physicians, physiologist, psychiatrists, social workers, alcohol counselors and more specialized staff. Usually a client that attends an impatient facility is unable to stop use of more than just one drug. Withdrawal of certain drugs is another factor for choosing this method of treatment. In the inpatient drug rehabilitation there is usually minimal if no choice based decision on the care you receive. The standard of care is regimented and done by the book. Most often they will be 12-step based AA programs. The patient is then overpowered into a life of powerlessness and continued sickness and needing "meetings" for the rest of their life. The JTP is based in the direct opposite direction. Guests are taught that they have power over alcohol and drugs. Alcohol and drugs are just inanimate objects, the person actually makes the choice to pick them up and use them. Given the correct information such as this, and given the choice to stop and taught how to stay stopped is simply based on a choice is rather welcoming, to some, who have been brainwashed into the opposing regimen of once an "addict", always and "addict". The addiction of drugs and alcohol actually means that a habit has been developed. A simple habit, which can be broke. Once the habit is broke, the JTP then continues to educate you on what the next phase of your life you need to work on. From personal to professional, all of the desires and goals for your life are examined and brought into the light of attainment. The present and future is then outlined for you, you analyze and you continue with the appropriate changes to a new and improved pathway of life, a sober life.

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