Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Program, are they effective?

Relapse is not part of recovery, accordingly rehabs that use thie methodology are inefective

Alternative To Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation ProgramWhen it becomes necessary to consider an Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Center, one must very carefully analyze the options available and choose the drug rehab best suited for the individual who needs the services of an Inpatient Drug Rehab. There exists a wide gulf between the various types of Drug Rehabilitation Program offerings, and the effectiveness rates between program models can often indicate which program might be best for an individual. Very few drug rehab sponsors will tell the public about their rate of success, if they even measure it. In Upstate New York, there is an organization that measures and reports the success of their Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Program.

The organization is called the Baldwin Research Institute (BRI), and their program is the Freedom Model Program. BRI does not treat persons as patients, but rather as guests. This is because this Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Program is not a medical facility; rather the focus is on behavioral change, by and for the guest. This is a unique model among Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Program organizations that one might find. BRI and the Freedom Model Program have recorded an independently measured, verified success rate of over 63%. For those programs that may also report genuine success rates, their results are much lower. One is hard pressed to find an Inpatient Drug Rehab Center that has a success rate over 30%.

The program at the Freedom Model Retreat Houses, where the guests stay, evolved from a model similar to a conventional Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Program to one that is very different from a traditional Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation Program. The individualized nature of the program, based on the needs of the guest, is one of the attractive features of this option. Guests study course materials, write extensively about their own experiences, and interact socially with other guests. The six week program is an exciting alternative to other Drug Rehab models that exist on the market today.


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