Are there any good New York Drug Rehabs?

Rehabs in NY are mostly 12 step based, proven ineffective

Are New York Drug Rehabs Effective?In a New York Drug Rehab the most common form of recovery is Alcoholics Anonymous. Also there are many other 12 step based programs. In recent years it has become apparent that the methods of AA and 12 step programs are not working. The drug rehab situation needs to look more into the future just for the sake to help get people well other than though the use of AA or NA.

There is a higher percentage, at the present, of more people getting off of drugs and alcohol on their own. It is important to realize that New York Drug Rehab programs keeps people sick. Having the thought of being sick and diseased for the rest of your life cannot be a good way to start your life on the right path again. Also needing help for the rest of your life by the way of going to meetings everyday is a deterrent to staying sober. Trying to do the 12 steps exactly is also an impossible task which turns people back towards their substance abuse.

On the other hand, there is the freedom model. This is where social and educational help is found. At Baldwin Research Institute, there is continuous research being done to save peoples lives though the Freedom Model Program. The Freedom Model Program is a social/educational program which helps people in the present but also helps make a clear cut path moving forward towards the future. Within this program there is a very important word, that being CHOICE. People choose to do the drugs and/or alcohol the same as they will make the CHOICE not to do them. The decision is within every person to be empowered or to be powerless. Being empowered is the obvious CHOICE to a happier and morefull life, now and in the future.


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