Positive Drug Treatment

Not all treatment options force you to focus on the worst decisions you've made. There are options. Here's the truth.

Positive Drug TreatmentUnfortunately, many rehab facilities and 12 Step programs treat substance use like an all-powerful force instead of what it is: a chosen behavior. Instead of allowing you to focus on your future, they use words like "temptation" and "relapse" to illustrate a lifelong cycle of substance use. Naturally, this negative approach often stirs up negative emotions and encourages destructive behavior patterns. By telling you that drugs or alcohol will always be more appealing than anything else, they rob you of the chance to see all the other possibilities.

At Freedom Model Retreats, we believe in the power of positive drug treatment and self-directed progress. Our curriculum is designed to accommodate your unique goals, increase your self-awareness, and help you build the skills you need to handle past pain and pursue present and future joy. If you're considering a traditional 12 Step treatment center or rehab, you should know that negativity isn't the only option; in fact, it's not even the most effective one.

Anything Is Possible, Including Sobriety

Substance use is just another behavior that people choose, despite its negative consequences. It's possible to stop using substances, just like it's possible to eat a banana instead of a donut, or to brush your teeth every night instead of going straight to bed. If drug use is part of your daily routine, it might just be a default activity rather than an actual need or desire. Once you get past any detox off the substance you are using, you will find that the actual "need" for the substance is not physical, but psychological and rooted in habit, not need. Our focus is always on your life beyond substance use, not the drugs or the deprivation of them. You are focusing on building, not on loss.

Traditional drug rehab methods focus on the substance use itself, while we focus on the substance-free life you want to lead. After all, you recognize the problems your substance use is causing you. The best long-term solution is to identify other ways to fulfill your goals, move forward with your life in fulfilling ways, and find your happiness in sustained ways rather than gaining cheap thrills, or holding off anxiety, boredom, or stress by using.

Change Is Cause For Celebration, Not Sadness

Sobriety and successful moderation are reasons to celebrate, not states of deprivation. When detox or rehab feels like a prison sentence, it's difficult to embrace the joy of your newfound clarity or look forward to the future you're beginning. 12 Step participants often experience depression or anxiety because their world now revolves around an absence of drugs or alcohol, constantly discussing their deprivation and cravings at meetings, and scheduling their life around their recovery.

At Freedom Model, you'll work toward new goals and enjoy the experience of learning new things and making new plans. Instead of obsessing over your substance use, feeling shame and deprivation, we focus on the substance-free life you want to lead. Our mission is to increase your self-awareness, motivation, and clarity so that it's easier for you to develop coping mechanisms, strengthen your skills, and reach your personal goals that you may only dreamed of before. In fact, some of our guests even tell us they feel so empowered they never felt free enough to dream as big and end up accomplishing things they never felt possible. It's a lot of work to use drugs — you spend a lot of energy and time on your lifestyle now—time and energy, which you could put to a positive use to work for you instead of against you.

Instead of believing that substance use will plague you for life, we encourage you to use Cognitive Behavioral Learning techniques to understand your life as a whole. The better you understand your own choices and experiences, the easier it will be to have a positive outlook and enjoy positive results. We think you're worth it and we hope you think so too.


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