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Premier Drug Rehab

If you are seeking help because you think you are in need of a Premier Drug Rehab please read the following article.

Premier Drug Rehab?The word "premier" means first in status or importance and certainly anybody who knows someone that is struggling with a drug addiction problem would most likely be drawn to a facility that mentions the word premier, thinking it means better. Premier Drug Rehab infers to an exclusive vacation type environment, when in truth, a person is still treated as though they are sick or diseased and need to be healed instead of learning how to go about changing their lives for the better by making better choices. The Freedom Model Program offers a very comfortable, home like atmosphere and people who attend the program are referred to as guests, not clients. Everyone is treated equally and no one is looked at as being sick, diseased or hopeless. A guest is taught, not lectured, that we all have choices in life and by making wrong choices, there will always be negative consequences. A Premier Drug Rehab facility will readily prescribe medication to a person as a way of coping with their addiction and a person will be referred to as a patient or a client (because they consider the person sick) and treat the person as needing to be healed or rehabilitated, not taught that doing drugs and abusing drugs is a choice. Most rehabilitation facilities offer 28 day programs, after which time a person has to continue to take medication (as a means to wean themselves off drugs) and will also be under a doctor's care. How depressing is that? The Freedom Model Program is a 6 week program taught by Instructors, not lectured by Counselors. After completing the 6 week program, a person has learned that they do not need to rely on a support group or be on medication in able to function. The person will have learned that by making the right choices and leading a positive, clean lifestyle, they can achieve this on their own.

The Freedom Model Retreat Center offers an alternative to conventional Drug Rehabs. Since 1992 we offer a Non 12 Step residential program to completely overcome drug abuse. Call now for Help.


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