Private Drug Rehab Centers in the US

Are mostly not really private.

Are Drug Rehab Centers Truly Private?What are the benefits of private drug rehab facilities? Are they what they advertise? Not always, so make sure your decision to attend is an informed one.

When you punch, "private drug rehab centers" into your search engine, often many, "high end places" come back in the results. These are often set in beach resort locations, in tropical climates. They often advertise all types of luxury services, all manner of, "specialist" therapy practitioners, and very often confidentiality and privacy. Some of these claims are much more accurate than others, which are often fabrication, and creative, selective portrayal of their actual services offered.

Quite often, the luxury, exotic locations are very accurate. Beach resort locations are very beautiful, and often highly enjoyable, yet many people live in these types of places and yet have problems that have them searching for, "private drug rehab centers". If location were what really mattered, I would recommend these, private drug rehab centers in a heartbeat. The luxury services are often very accurate as well. Most of these type recreational services, or massage services, gourmet cooking, (etc.) are available in most areas, often a high grade over what these, private drug rehab centers provide. What are of much greater importance are the services that they provide for dealing with drug or alcohol problems.

Most of the private drug rehab programs offer very standard, 12 step disease concept models accompanied by counseling with psychologists/psychiatrists. This type has been proven ineffective and more often than not, actually harmful. Receiving this treatment in an upscale setting is not any different than receiving it in a ghetto same treatment, same outcome. Many drug rehabs offer new age trendy accompaniments to their therapy. Meditation classes, equine therapy, aroma therapy, aqua therapy, tai-chi, even as far as classes on Wicca and the I- ching!! None of these have been shown to make any difference in solving the problems the private drug rehab centers advertise help for!

Often special dietary plans, exercise, and even cleansing programs (saunas, colonics, or other types) are offered. While exercise is very beneficial, there are no dietary, supplemental vitamins, saunas, (etc.) that have been scientifically proven to make any difference whatsoever with drug problems! This is pure hucksterism, "snake oil" salesmanship, and cheap carney tricks that are played on the desperate and unsuspecting who are seeking help.

Often, the bait and switch tactic is used by disreputable private drug rehab centers. They will, for purposes of example, offer that you will have 15 counselors dedicated to you personally , or say that they are "non 12 step". Yet when you get there, you may see some of those "dedicated counselors" less than 10 min. a week, and they may have you attend, 'support group meetings', or recommend it for "aftercare"!!

It is incredibly important to carefully research any private drug rehab program that you are considering! Ask as many questions as you can, and if possible, visit, or talk to someone who is currently attending the program. This is very important, and will help you to make an informed decision about attending a private drug rehab center.

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