Residential Drug Rehab Facility?

Seeking for a Drug Rehab that works is difficult.

How To Choose A Residential Drug Rehab Facility?Throughout the country, there are many Residential Drug Rehab Facility. The very mention of a Drug Rehab evokes images of a halfway house, where people live and interact with each other, and sometimes have work outside the home as a way of transitioning to a life after their time in the Residential Drug Rehab Facility is ended. A typical Residential Drug Rehab Facility will be a multi-bed home, often an older home converted for high density occupancy. Many of the Residential Drug Rehab Facilities host 20 or more people, for periods lasting from several weeks to many months. Many such programs have very deep roots in the rehabilitation industry, and may employ older methodologies that have limited effectiveness.

Drug Rehab protocols which employ a 12-step, disease model are regulated and controlled by the state and local governments; while the Residential Drug Rehab Facility model that is a non-12 step program is often not regulated by the state. Residential Drug Rehab Facility models vary in their effectiveness, as within any industry. While most Residential Drug Rehab Facility organizations do not actually track their effectiveness by measuring sobriety or abstinence, some Residential Drug Rehab Centers models do.

The highest independently verified success rate in the country belongs to the Freedom Model Retreats, part of the Baldwin Research Institute. At over 60%, this Residential Drug Rehab Facility rises above the rest of the industry and excels as a choice-based program. The Freedom Model Retreat program, known as the Freedom Model Program, is a Residential Drug Rehab that receives and hosts guests from all over the world. The model utilized is referred to as the Freedom Model tm and is an educational and social skills model.

This is unique among Residential Drug Rehab Facility protocols, and was created by the research and careful work of founders Jerry Brown and Mark Sheeren.

The underlying premise of the program is that we are all free to choose the life that we wish. It is through education and social skills training that we unlock the person we truly are, which will lead us to be able to become the person we desire to be. This Alternative to Residential Drug Rehab Facility is a six week program located in Upstate NY.


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