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Do You Have A Problem With Substance Misuse? Is Residential Rehab The Answer?

What is the best Drug Rehabilitation Center?The process of overcoming a drug or alcohol issue starts once the individual realizes that there is a problem and that they need help. For the loved ones of the alcohol or drug user, making the decision to get help is most of the time a relief. The next step is to find the right facility to help the person with excessive alcohol or drug use.

There are options for rehabilitation. Outpatient rehab centers allow the individual to attend treatment during the day at a center and to live at home throughout treatment. Other facilities are residential rehabilitation centers which make it possible for the individual in drug or alcohol recovery to live in the center while going through the program.

Low Success Rates

Although rehab is a popular option, the success rates are often extremely low. For people who do not care for rehab or treatment there are alternative residential rehabilitation programs which provide support and care for individuals and quite possibly present the right amount of supervision to help individuals recover. Some residential rehabilitation programs feature thirty day, to six week and longer program of six months up to a year and beyond. Some long term sobriety homes allow residential service of several years that include apartments.

Residential rehab programs include individual and group therapy and in many respects, it is the counselor that determines the length of the individual's residential rehabilitation. Many times however talk therapy in rehab programs are considered ineffective and does not really give the substance user a solution.

Theraputic Approaches

In addition to varying lengths of stay in residential rehabilitation centers, there is also a variety of therapeutic approaches including 12 step and non 12 steps, holistic and educational approaches, as well as family therapy, medical detox and treatment and community based support meetings. It's important to ask the specific success rates of a program before entering it.

There are a certain amount of rules that individuals staying in residential rehabilitation centers must follow in order to be allowed to stay. People who are new to the program may find the rules to be very stringent and difficult to follow. Some of the rules prohibit the amount of outside contact allowed. As progress continues, rules may be relaxed slightly. Individuals that have a difficult time following the rules or habitually break the rules are in most cases asked to leave residential rehabilitation.

COntact With Your Family

Freedom Model's does not follow these types of strict rules, and encourages contact with family members. Cell phones and laptops are allowed in our program. Our program is very different as we help people realize they have a choice in the matter of substance use. Our program promotes personal change and responsibility all which are important life skills.

While individuals are in a residential program such at Freedom Model's it will be necessary for them to learn to develop new habits and behaviors, as well as learn to reassess their past and future decisions and to make more productive choices to their life.


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