Seven Points to Remember in Choosing the Right Drug Rehab Center

Are you concerned about choosing the right drug rehab center? Let Freedom Model Retreats make it easier for you.

How To Choose the Right Drug Rehab Center Many people have a difficult time choosing the right drug rehab center. In most cases, they are unsure of which questions to ask, what to look for in a treatment program, and whether or not the program has been successful. Here are seven points to remember in choosing the right drug rehab center

1. What is the program success rate?

While success rates can be very difficult to measure, some organizations invest in outside research to gauge their success for accurate results, including the Freedom Model Retreats program. While the success rate results for Freedom Model Retreats are based on independently verified survey results, it is important to know that not all drug rehabs are completely truthful or forthcoming with their success rates. Ask how they determined their results, and how soon after the program has ended do they contact graduates for results. If contact is made at program graduation or shortly thereafter, the success rate might not be as high as advertised.

2. Will the program meet your needs?

Based on your reason for entering the program, you need to know if the center is qualified to help you with your particular needs. Ask about living conditions, rules, meals, or anything that would make you more comfortable before enrolling. If the program is a lockdown facility you may not want to be in that kind of program situation. It is best to do plenty of research on how the program can actually help you stop drug use.

3. What is the philosophy of the program?

There are many different philosophies when it comes to substance use: 12 Step, non 12 Step, disease-based or choice-based, holistic methods or educational methods. You want to make sure that the philosophy of the program is something that you believe already or that you can believe in. If you have tried AA/NA or 12 Step methods before, it may be the right time to branch into something new, such as a non 12 Step drug program. Overall, you want to look for a program that will inspire you to change, provide you with encouragement and hope, and help you put together your plan for a lasting solution.

4. What is the daily schedule?

It is important to know how you will spend your day and what activities you will be engaging in. A great program doesn't have to have your whole day mapped out in therapy or group meetings, which is the case at some drug rehab programs. While therapy can be effective in some cases, therapists may have a way of telling you what you should be doing, or influencing your judgment. The best way to overcome drug use is to be in a judgment free zone, where you can express yourself freely and are not labeled.

5. How long will the program last

As most people have to make arrangements when they go into a program, you need to know how long the program will last and what will be accomplished in that time. If you spend 30 days in a drug rehab only to be sent to another follow up program, this may be a clue that you will not gain that much in the rehab to independently solve your problem.

6. What is the cost of the program?

It is important that you know the total cost of the program and whether or not there will be any extra or "hidden" charges, what insurance does not cover, what are expected down payments or deposits. Getting a complete upfront cost, in writing if possible, will help you determine how to balance your finances in years ahead.

7. What about after treatment?

Once you have completed the program…what next? Some programs are supported by a community based support program; ongoing therapy or counseling that is required or suggested after the program is complete. If you are referred to these options after drug rehab, you might want to think about your decision to attend. Do you feel like you need a life time crutch to not use drugs again? If not, and you do not want to attend endless recovery meetings, call Freedom Model Retreats at 888.424.2626- we want to help you find your lasting solution.


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